Deflexchangecreating exchanges that combine deflation with all cryptocurrency What is Deflexchange?Deflex is the first cryptocurrency exchange, creating an exchange that combines deflation with all cryptocurrency, no matter if it’s a token or a coin. From our point of view, there are two types of exchanges. One type of exchange is those that create new features, new services […]

EQ Token

EQ Tokenpublicly based distributed operating system with  blockchain Good morning to all cryptocurrency lovers, I’m sure each of you at least once in your life is interested in various investment tools with which you can increase your capital. But regardless of the number of tools available, there are too many collections of various traps. Therefore, in fact, a […]


ABOUT PROMETHEUS Prometheus was a titan who saw the future according to Greek mythology. Prometheus did not take sides when Zeus waged a war against Kronos. And because of this, Zeus did not punish Prometheus.Prometheus did not like the Olympus gods. And that is why Prometheus created people from mud. And Prometheus gave these people fire and knowledge as […]


Dain the Best Solution for Companies in Achieving Maximum Profitability Not long ago, the world of high technology turned our lives upside down. People become less employed in certain places, and enjoy all the humanitarian benefits that are available in the most ordinary daily life. And all because of one crazy idea visiting the bright minds of […]


2Ether는 유망한 스타트 업을위한 편리한 저비용 런치 패드를 제공합니다 2Ether는 이더 리움 블록 체인 기반의 새로운 디지털 코인입니다. ERC20 토큰과 달리, 이것은 자체 블록 체인, 마이닝 인센티브 등을 통해 완전히 독립적 인 암호 화폐입니다. Solidity로 작성된 스마트 계약을 완벽하게 지원하며 Ethereum dApp과 호환됩니다.2Ether 팀에는 몇 가지 주요 목표가 있습니다.독립적 인 CPU / GPU 채굴 자 격려ASIC 하드웨어를 […]


Nexxus Global futures community that facilitates traders to use cryptocurrency Cryptocurrency needs it, but more people need to understand it to be truly transformational. Nexxus has chosen to support services designed to help popularize cryptocurrency. They revolve around Nexxus Rewards –     Global Rewards Community    . The merchant loyalty program solves several unique problems that can […]


Clevebet Online gambling of several types of games that can be easily launched Since time immemorial, bets have always been given a prominent place and this is due to their nature of risk, adrenaline, and possible profits. From the days of the Roman emperor to the rise of electronic sports, his superiors always tried their luck […]

Stan World

Stan World virtual platform STAN Coins is a cryptocurrency utility that you can use to:Profit: creators get the biggest percentage of profits generated from their creations (items, experiences, games)Engagement: users also get prizes when they contribute through engagement activities such as testing, reviewing, and promoting creationsReal World Exchange: transactions occur in the virtual world but […]

Asclepius Network

Asclepius Network the most advanced medical knowledge in the world. We bring innovation to the medical field by gathering knowledge.Our cloud-type electronic medical device, iMedsn, offers next-generation operations and diagnostic support information at iMedsn.Regarding the diagnostic protocol and treatment of various diseases, we first installed the protocol recommended by each technical association.In the future, we […]


CRYPTOKNOWMICS Decentralized Blockchain-based media platform TENTANG CRYPTOKNOWMICS Cryptoknowmics is one of the good and decentralized media portals available for every aspect of the crypt world. Our goal is to become the largest media platform in the crypto field. We provide news, videos, airdrops, events, analytics, market fundamentals, dApps, ICO, STO, IEO, coins, tokens, exchanges, wallets, detailed market […]

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