Deflexchangecreating exchanges that combine deflation with all cryptocurrency

What is Deflexchange?Deflex is the first cryptocurrency exchange, creating an exchange that combines deflation with all cryptocurrency, no matter if it’s a token or a coin. From our point of view, there are two types of exchanges. One type of exchange is those that create new features, new services and take the cryptocurrency industry a step further for mass adoption.Another type of exchange copy and adopts new developments from the first type of exchange. This is certainly a great way to increase exchanges, but we prefer to be one of the first types of exchanges because we think this is how exchanges should act in the first place. Therefore, the progress and success of exchanges in the future depends on the development of exchanges and the industry itself.So with your help, we want to establish the first deflation exchange called Deflex; Exchange of deflation. With the first deflation exchange, we will not only be able to help cryptocurrency, but also the community and users, who will not only see more profit for themselves because of artificially created deflation, but will also talk more about it and thereby make cryptocurrency. even better known.ProblemBad technical architectureWithout the right infrastructure, Exchange will not exist for a long time. Today, many exchanges use cloud services or third parties that can offer them the computing power they need and can provide them immediately. However, this creates a problem because dependence on these service providers and third parties is increasing. This raises the problem that in the event of a third-party server failure, Exchange itself also fails. This can also increase the risk of a hacker attack, because the infrastructure is not available.Deflex will set its own server locations around the world in certain regions so that it not only has control over its own network and thus ensures the prudence and security needed for users, but also to be more decentralized. This means that Deflex is central and decentralized. Because the location of the server is unknown, setup issues cannot arise and each user can use Deflex without problems and restrictions.KYC revolusThis is a real problem that threatens the decentralization and anonymity of cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency was created to change and revolutionize the current monetary situation. The KYC process is required by the authorities and exchanges often have to request this from their users due to international law. On the one hand, exchanges can meet certain regulatory requirements and enter into various partnerships, and users can also feel safer because KYC increases account security. On the other hand, this increases the influence of the authorities on exchanges and fewer users dare to come to exchanges that require KYC.Anonymity Deflex and decentralized infrastructure not only guarantees security of assets and other data, but also immunity against individual authority. Deflex will not require KYC from its users and will also defend cryptocurrency freedom and anonymity in trading.Customer serviceBy far the biggest complaint that users have with existing cryptocurrency exchanges is poor customer support. The problems are many and include long withdrawal times, login problems, support tickets that are not answered, and documentation that does not exist. When dealing with such large amounts of funds, users need a professional customer support experience to receive the support they need.At Deflex, one of the top priorities is a pleasant user experience, and one of the biggest user experience enhancements to be made in today’s digital currency exchange is customer support.Lack of transparencyFrom a user’s perspective, it is difficult to know what is happening behind the scenes exchange. Many Exchanges keep secrets of their income because they want to hide it from “competitors”. Many are kept secret. Also for what costs are used.We want to change it with Deflex. Exchange reaches its peak only through its own community. That’s why users need to be able to know what the company is doing in the background and what ownership is at the moment and therefore the public will be able to see all the latest data about the Status Deflex Platform. This includes the current balance of fees collected.Deflex exchange● Exchange of deflationEvery month there will be a burning day in Deflex where the collected currency will be burned for a period of one month. Currency is collected on each transaction that incurs costs. A portion of each fee is added to the Burning Pool and kept transparent there. These will then be opened later on the day of burning and sent transparently to the burning address so they can be burned. This is done with every cryptocurrency collected and anyone can view this account freely on the blockchain.● Matching MachineOur machine is able to maintain 900,000 orders per second. This value will be at the beginning. Over time we will improve our machines. We expect to reach the level of 1,700,000 orders per second.CoinDeflex will support trading pairs in the following coins:● BTC● DEF (Deflex Coin)● USDT (Tether)● TRX (Tron)More trading pairs will be added from time to time and we will ask the community if they want more trading pairs and which ones. This vote will take place in our exchange in the poll section. Deflex will also support the ERC20 Token trade and the TRC20 Token trade.Revenue ModelDeflex’s revenue will come from the following sources:● Exchange FeesDeflex will initially charge a fixed fee of 0.1% per trade. Other variations will be introduced later, including maker-takers, exhausting based on volume and promotion costs. We have no plans to charge a fee above 0.1%.● Withdrawal FeesDeflex may charge a small fee for withdrawals● Recording CostsDeflex will choose innovative coins and other assets to be listed on the exchange, there may be costs associated with the listing.Deflex Coin (DEF)We will issue our token, which is called Deflex. A strict limit of 91,000,000 DEF will be made, never increased. DEF will run natively on the Ethereum blockchain with ERC-20. DEF is also one of the deflationary cryptocurrency, because the supply of DEF does not increase and the day of the burning we are aiming for, which also involves the burning of DEF.Allocation● 60% – Initial Coin Offer (ICO)● 35% – Company Funds● 5% – Founding TeamUse of Funds● 65% of the funds will be used to build Deflexchange andinfrastructure, which includes team recruitment, training, lawsupport, administrative costs and development budget.● 25% will be used for Deflex branding and marketing, includingpromotion and continuing education from Deflex and Blockchaininnovation in industrial media. Adequate budget for various thingsadvertising activities, to help Deflex become popular among peopleinvestors, and to attract active users to the platform● 10% will be saved as a backup in case of emergency orunexpected situations that might arise.


Low trading costsDeflex’s allows you to trade with a maximum trading fee of 0.1%. Additional 50% discount if you use Coins.Financial stabilityDeflex is based on a sophisticated multi-layer and multi-cluster architecture, which not only provides greater security for users, but also maintains platform stability.There is no KYCBecause of decentralization, KYC is not required to use the platformCheaper costFor withdrawal transactions, we charge a maximum fixed fee, where we credit the remaining amount back to the account.Matching machineOur machine is able to maintain 900,000 orders per second. This value will be at the beginning. Over time we will improve our machines.24/7 Customer SupportDeflex will provide a 24/7 support team so users always have a link if there is a problem.


Coin Deflex gives holders various options to benefit from the platform. By using Deflex Coin when trading, this allows users to save 50% of the cost. Another option is to bet Defleks Coins on the platform and get some of the costs for yourself. Monthly burns will also occur, which will reduce the supply of Deflex Coins and thus reduce the amount of DEF in circulation.


Simbol Token: DEFTotal Token Supply: 91,000,000 DEFTotal Supply Tokens for Sale: 54,600,000 DEFToken Swap Offer Offered: 1 ETH = 1595 DEFPublic Crowdsale Date:Starting: 20. March 2020Deadline: April 10. 2020Hard Cap: equivalent to 4,500,000 USD in ETHSoft Cap: equivalent to 1,700 USD in ETHminimum contribution: 0.1 ETH


60% – Initial Coin Offer (ICO)35% – Corporate Funds5% – Founding TeamUse of Funds● 65% of the funds will be used to build Deflexchange andinfrastructure, which includes team recruitment, training, lawsupport, administrative costs and development budget.● 25% will be used for Deflex branding and marketing, includingpromotion and continuing education from Deflex and Blockchaininnovation in industrial media. Adequate budget for various thingsadvertising activities, to help Deflex become popular among peopleinvestors, and to attract active users to the platform● 10% will be saved as a backup in case of emergency orunexpected situations that might arise.Allocation● 60% – Initial Coin Offer (ICO)● 35% – Company Funds● 5% – Founding TeamUse of Funds● 65% of the funds will be used to build Deflexchange andinfrastructure, which includes team recruitment, training, lawsupport, administrative costs and development budget.● 25% will be used for Deflex branding and marketing, includingpromotion and continuing education from Deflex and Blockchaininnovation in industrial media. Adequate budget for various thingsadvertising activities, to help Deflex become popular among peopleinvestors, and to attract active users to the platform● 10% will be saved as a backup in case of emergency orunexpected situations that might arise.ROADMAP

August 2019● Concept Development & Development● International teams start working on the platform.December 2019● Whitepaper release● Website releaseJanuary 2020● MVP release, ICO planning & preparation begins● Our MVP will be available on our websiteMarch 2020● Launch of the Initial Coin OfferMay 2020● Launch of Deflex Beta● Beta testing will be open to the public.● Open deposits and withdrawals. Trade begins.Q2 2020● Launch of Deflex 1.0● Server Network ExpansionTim1. Ron Bennett, CEO of Deflexchange2. Daniel Stein, CMM Di DeflexchangeFor more detailed information, please visit the link below:● Website :● Leaderboards:● Twitter:● Telegram:● GitHub:● Reddit:● Dispute:● Ann Thread: bylethLink:;u=2653695

EQ Token

EQ Tokenpublicly based distributed operating system with  blockchain

Good morning to all cryptocurrency lovers, I’m sure each of you at least once in your life is interested in various investment tools with which you can increase your capital. But regardless of the number of tools available, there are too many collections of various traps. Therefore, in fact, a large number of people who want to take a place of honor in the investment industry are eliminated

The 2 main objectives of  EQ Tokens  are to:

1. Give new companies and existing businesses the opportunity to quickly raise money in return for equity.2. 3. Providing investors with any measure the ability to become an equity stakeholder in a company. Currently the  blockchain is  seen primarily as a platform for  cryptocurrency  .

EQ Token  plans to use the  Ethereum blockchain  for what it means:

As a distributed computing platform and a public-based distributed operating system with  blockchain  . This basically means we will use Ethereum as the world’s computer. This will be used as an investment platform and as a way of tracking share ownership in certain companies.

About the project and its features

It is important to note that the entire essence of the project is based on its own EQ Token, which will act as the main investment vehicle for the new crowd investment available in the decentralized network. Uncovering unlimited potential for everyone who wants to participate in investments in new startup projects, as well as existing companies.
As you have understood the existence of the blockchain structure will enable investors to avoid the most common crowdfunding problems in a centralized world such as:

  • operation opacity and all related processes;
  • as well as the lack of clear contractual provisions, for violations where those responsible for violations must be punished accordingly, and so on.

By implementing decentralized blocks and structures in all of these processes, EQ Token founders automatically eliminate their participants from such problems. However, all transactions and transactions are purely transparent, while investing your capital in a particular company, smart contracts are made between you, which in turn increases not only the level of trust, but also the level of security of all transactions.
But this is not all. Because in addition to introductory controls, the founder of EQ Tokens will charge a small commission on the amount accumulated by the project for its development. This will also include mandatory ownership of 3% tokens from the project itself and 2% from the Commission on the amount of all available dividends. Of course, this might show someone too much. However, this method will allow you to cut low-quality projects that initially only focus on deceiving their investors. Projects whose concept is based on the tangible benefits of tools created or developed by them can survive even in conditions of cooperation that are so simple with EQ Tokens.

Funded Projects

Each project listed on our website must pay an administration fee of $ 200- $ 300 to register the project. These costs cover the initial project review so we can provide a basic risk / reward score. Each project will offer an initial% of their business in exchange for a certain amount of money. Every investment in the project will be held by us until the project is fully funded. If the project does not reach its target within the agreed timeframe, all investments will be returned. If a project reaches its funding goal, we will keep the fund until all legal checks / agreements are completed. The funds will then be traded in exchange for an agreed% from the company. The token will then be created and distributed to all investors.When the company reaches the stage where they can take profits, they will send% of the profits owed to their token holders to us and we will be able to distribute this amount equally among all token holders. If the company has been sold, part of the sale to the token holder will be sent to us and we will distribute it evenly among all token holders. We can also issue a voting feature to allow token holders to vote on every major decision of the company. For example if the token holder owns 20% of a company and there is a major shareholder vote, we can have all the voting holders. If 35% of token holders choose yes, 50% of token holders choose no and the rest do not vote, then this can be conveyed back to the company because 7% of the 20% of our shares voted yes, 10% chose no and 3% abstained from voting. This will then be accounted for by the votes of 80% of other equity owners in the business. This feature must be introduced in year 3.

EQ20 Token

The EQ20 token will become an ERC20 token. This token will be used to raise money so that the EQ Token can start. A total of 70m tokens will be offered in the initial exchange offer at $ 0.05 / token.
3% of all tokens generated through fully funded projects are ours so these tokens will be exchanged equally to all EQ20 token holders. Standard projects will be created with 100m tokens. We will have 3m of this token and so this will be transferred to all EQ20 holders. This means that for every 10,000 EQ20 tokens ($ 500) you buy, you will receive 300 tokens from every fully funded project that we have ever made so that investors in EQ20 will own shares in every company that has been helped by the EQ Token business. Ever!
These tokens can then be sold on our decentralized exchange at any time or stored in your wallet so that funded companies that are starting to succeed, will start paying dividends directly into your wallet!
We also plan to send 25% of the 2% dividend fee to the EQ20 token holders too!


  • The EQ20 token will be used to raise funds to help start the EQ Token. There will be 70 million tokens sold in total in the initial EQ Token exchange offer at a price of $ 0.05 per token to help raise $ 3.5 million.
  • Token sales will last for 30 days and our minimum target is to sell 35m tokens. If we do not reach our minimum token sales target within the timeframe, all funds will be returned to investors.
  • The 1m EQ20 token will be used for promotional purposes to help increase awareness of the EQ Token and what we plan to achieve (mostly through social media competitions).
  • There will be 4m EQ20 tokens that will be used to reward participants in our prize program. These tokens will be paid 1-2 months after successfully completing IEO.
  • The remaining 25m tokens will be stored by the core development team and can be used to pay for external contractors.


●  November 2019

Whitepaper release – Complete

● January 2020

We will begin our advertising campaign through the use of the bounty program in January 2020

● Q2 2020

IEO release to sell 70m  EQ20 tokens  for $ 0.05 / token to collect the $ 3.5m needed to get EQ Tokens from land with sufficient capital to develop quickly throughout Europe

● Q3 2020

Started recruiting the core team of  EQ Tokens  and opening offices in the UK and Europe

●  2021

Aim to open an office in the US and further develop the EQ Token team and business 


● James Borland – Founder

In aerospace engineering. James has experience working in a variety of different engineering backgrounds (Eng Process / Mechanical Engineering / Eng Manufacturing). James has been involved in small-scale investments in the cryptocurrency market   for 3 years.● Samantha Borland – Director of Marketing

First Class Bachelor (Hons) in Marketing with experience working in the security industry as well as property development and management




Prometheus was a titan who saw the future according to Greek mythology. Prometheus did not take sides when Zeus waged a war against Kronos. And because of this, Zeus did not punish Prometheus.Prometheus did not like the Olympus gods. And that is why Prometheus created people from mud. And Prometheus gave these people fire and knowledge as gifts. Zeus is very angry with this. And Zeus chained Prometheus in the Caucasus Mountains. And every day an eagle comes and eats Prometheus. Zeus also punishes people.But Prometheus was saved by his son, Hercules. And Prometheus ate the eagle’s heart to punish Zeus. Finally, Zeus forgives Prometheus. And Prometheus again began to live in Olympos.

Prometheus created a fully functional MVP, which will be the basis for our platform. It allows users to connect to the database with a few clicks, select tables and columns to transfer to the blockchain, select the type of blockchain (Prometheus, Ethereum, Cardano, Star …) and select the action to be performed only once or several times. The reverse process can also be carried out to move data from the blockchain to the database. Users can transfer the requested part of their business to the blockchain. Prometheus wants to help with the use of blockchain technology. Developing a blockchain for a particular business can be very extensive and time consuming. Every business will be able to use blockchain technology at affordable prices for real-world use cases. We have 2 levels of protection for ICO participants: First, if the soft hat does not pass. 2 is the development of a development platform with the help of independent experts. Members will love ETH through smart contracts.

About Prometheus

The Prometheus platform already has a functional product prototype that makes it easy to work with databases quickly and easily. Our MVP transfers data from the database on the blockchain to the client and vice versa. By using a point-and-click application platform, users can choose which diagrams and data from their database, which parts of the business they want to transfer to the blockchain, and thus they can become popular “early adopters”, in other words, users blockchain technology in your business.Prometheus wants to contribute to the implementation of the blockchain technology. Making a blockchain is expensive and requires companies that want to combine their business with a blockchain. Prometheus wants to create a platform that will allow any company to effectively and comfortably transfer part of its business to the blockchain and thereby improve its business operations and increase its competitiveness.
What is our vision and mission?
Our vision is to facilitate the use of blockchain technology with the help of products that will enable us to transfer parts of business processes to the desired, affordable and efficient blockchain.
The mission of Prometheus platform is to promote the global use of blockchain in the world. Its use is very large, and Prometheus is not limited to certain economic sectors, but it is a universal solution for implementing blockchain technology, which allows any company to shift part of its business to blockchain.

the features

• Go and click the interface to select the data needed to transfer to the blockchain.• Transfer Bitcoin to Excel and vice versa.• MS SQL – in Ethereum and vice versa.• Ethereum – in Excel and vice versa.• Bitcoin – in Mongo and vice versa.

Technical information

The Prometheus Kernel Network Platform for integrating existing enterprise databases (relational and NoSQL) with the newly emerging blockchain system. This is an open source project with a GNU license. We will put the highly optimized version of the Prometheus platform on Amazon and sell it in the Software as a Service (SaaS) model for companies that don’t want to develop their cloud environment.
IEO protection of participants Prometheus is fully transparent about the development of future platforms. With our products and organizational capabilities, we are confident in the success of project implementation. For this reason, we offer absolute protection to ICO participants, something not yet seen in the ICO world:If the $ 530,000 soft cap does not pass, which is needed to develop a future platform and a successful business model after ICO is completed, Ethereum will be automatically returned through a smart contract. After passing the soft cap (hard cap is $ 11,000,000) Prometheus will propose several independent experts with authority in software development who will check that the platform development is in accordance with the road map. All ICO participants will choose their favorites, while buyers over $ 1,000 will be able to choose their experts. If an expert determines that the development of the Prometheus platform does not go according to the road map within the estimated period, all buyers will be returned the amount invested less the proportional amount of $ 530,000.Token Information • Token   Name: Prometheus   • Ticker Sign: PRO   • Total Supply: 200,000,000   • Extraordinary Supply: 140,000,000   • Decimal: 18   • Platform: Ethereum, ERC20   • IEO Date: February 1 2020 – May 1 2020   • Price IEO: 1 PRO = 0.1 USD   • Soft stamp: 530,000 USD• Hard cap: 11.000.000 USD


The development phase will be divided into 4 quarters with a team of 7: Software Architect (Srdjan Vukmirovic), 4 Net developers, QA and the author of DevOps / Tech.Two developers will work on the Prometheus platform: Scheduler andConfiguration Manager.Two developers will work on Crypto Adapters.ICO: February 1 2020 to May 1 2020.Q1 2020Ethereum dan Bitcoin AdapterUser management, roles and subscriptionsQ2 2020Stellar dan Cardano AdapterConfiguration database and management applicationQ3 2020Cardano and Neo AdapterScheduling engineQ4 2020Open the API for other crypto databasesCalculation of usage and paymentTim

Website: paper: paper: bylethLink:;u=2653695


Dain the Best Solution for Companies in Achieving Maximum Profitability

Not long ago, the world of high technology turned our lives upside down. People become less employed in certain places, and enjoy all the humanitarian benefits that are available in the most ordinary daily life. And all because of one crazy idea visiting the bright minds of more than one person with the help of which we have lots of technology. And who knows what awaits us tomorrow, if for the past 50 years, our society has largely moved forward.
What is DAIN?
DAIN is the next generation artificial intelligence platform, a geographically distributed decentralized public computing network driven by the integration of the blockchain and artificial intelligence technology to solve and solve problems. This platform uses computing resources efficiently and without intermediaries from other devices located anywhere in the world to solve complex AI problems. DAIN awards hardware owners and maps the artificial intelligence market. This allows companies with similar needs to provide or find joint solutions.

DAIN aims to make artificial intelligence easy and affordable, accessible to all consumers, from small businesses to large companies, from knowledge to big data, reducing time to market in production models, and obtaining information and knowledge. Produce. This platform allows users to lease idle computing power from devices and computers to help companies in data processing, problem solving, and problem solving using artificial intelligence technology. It also allows companies to develop new business models, new customer relationship models, and new revenue streams, providing a secure environment where they can safely sell, build, sell, and execute knowledge, solutions, data and infrastructure to create, consume, and implementing artificial intelligence. To share. Using corporate DAIN platforms of various sizes, it can easily and efficiently train new models with its own data and / or data from external sources provided to DAIN and can model it with third party data. Change the existing data market. Companies can publish models in the model market and earn money while maintaining ownership, control, and model knowledge. Or, instead, it can benefit from its own data, which allows others to practice their model or run it with enriched data, all of which maintain data security without sharing it with third parties. he can easily and efficiently train new models with his own data and / or data from external sources provided to DAIN and can model them with third party data. Change the existing data market. Companies can publish models in the model market and earn money while maintaining ownership, control, and model knowledge. Or, instead, it can benefit from its own data, which allows others to practice their model or run it with enriched data, all of which maintain data security without sharing it with third parties. he can easily and efficiently train new models with his own data and / or data from external sources provided to DAIN and can model them with third party data. Change the existing data market. Companies can publish models in the model market and earn money while maintaining ownership, control, and model knowledge. Or, instead, it can benefit from its own data, which allows others to practice their model or run it with enriched data, all of which maintain data security without sharing it with third parties. Companies can publish models in the model market and earn money while maintaining ownership, control, and model knowledge. Or, instead, it can benefit from its own data, which allows others to practice their model or run it with enriched data, all of which maintain data security without sharing it with third parties. Companies can publish models in the model market and earn money while maintaining ownership, control, and model knowledge. Or, instead, it can benefit from its own data, which allows others to practice their model or run it with enriched data, all of which maintain data security without sharing it with third parties.
Why is DAIN necessary?
– Barriers to AI
Apart from its extraordinary influence on society and great interest, AI and its needs are difficult to understand. Organizations and experts are not regulated for large scale abuse. These conditions specifically affect the most conventional organizations, who are careless in the midst of troublesome changes. To ensure a reasonable, simple and agile AI integration in the eyes of the public, benefiting both organizations and their clients, explicit instruments are needed that address the limitations of this section.
– Lock-in and nonpartisan vendor
Behavior of discovery makes it very difficult to review AI. Models can present trends through information, shifting settings from ideal outcomes. Or on the other hand tendencies can be presented by model makers when models are made to imitate depictions of reality that do not coordinate their ideological superiority. The unaudited AI administration of a distributed computing specialist cooperative adds to this problem. It is important to offer organizations the opportunity to choose the most non-partisan and fair-minded arrangements and avoid locked sellers.
– Continuity
Late investigations warn of the impression of gigantic carbon and high power utilization due to current ways to deal with Cloud, AI and DLT. Existing information handling bases devoured 3% of the vitality given by people, and the exploitation of the bitcoin mining power that now surpasses Switzerland. It is not important to produce equipment that is progressively committed to meeting the specific needs of both advancements. To guarantee management, we must increasingly use the assets we have now in increasingly sophisticated ways.
The benefits of
DAIN regulation gather exercises learned over the previous decade and bringing together front-line innovations to offer answers to existing problems.
– Reducing IaaS costs
By utilizing cost-efficient processing power, it removes the underlying equipment effort from the IaaS cost conditions. Because this is a distributed system, there is no need to take care of the cooling costs.
– Speed ​​up time-to-showcase
DAIN has a commercial center for AI models created by biological system clients, enabling organizations to share settings and complement existing capabilities. Through the exchange of information and information, ideal opportunities for new improvements will decrease exponentially.
– There are no brilliant DAIN exchange
fees. DAIN can adjust to blockages and benefit from the movement of its hubs to understand their inspiration, keep legitimate clients from wasting their processing assets or paying exchange fees.
– IoT and 5G are prepared
The absence of fees and the registration model circulating from DAIN allows gadgets with low limits to become part of the system. This innovation will use the availability of 5G and the diversity of gadgets related to the web.
– Zero code setting
No parent information is needed to take advantage of the advantages. By utilizing AI to compile AI, non-technological residents are empowered to begin to take an interest in AI upheaval.
– Unlimited calculation
Intended to place the intensity of the gadget stack on the AI ​​transfer. Access PC assets effectively, financially, flexibly, and on demand.
– Confidentiality
Because of the latest and most creative cryptographic strategies, all information and arrangements that are distributed are entirely private, in any case, when shared among clients.
– Certified arrangements
Due to the nature and nature of AI calculations, all settings submitted are confirmed by a programmed machine-to-machine process.
But as they say, to offer something you need resources and means to arrange something new. However, there are also cases when technology is available, and their service costs are estimated at tens of thousands of dollars. Thus limiting the number of people who have the opportunity to use this service. Naturally, such questions involve many technological processes, for example: cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and so on.
Therefore, to make this more accessible, the specialist team has developed a new decentralization project that is completely different, like no other. The main concepts that I now offer you to consider together with you.
About the project and its features
So, the first thing I want to start is the name of the DAIN project. As you can see, this is quite concise and easy to remember. At the same time, despite its simplicity, it hides a very global idea which seeks to implement its plans for the introduction and popularization of artificial intelligence in the general mass of society. As you have already guessed, it will be very difficult to achieve such success in the traditional relationship system that we have today. That is why increasingly popular blockchain technology comes to the rescue. The scale of functions and actions allows us to go beyond many aspects of the world of traditional relationships. Revealing unlimited potential for all fields of humanity.

  • However, despite the fact that DAIN is based on Blockchain, the idea of ​​structuring was seen by development teams from world giants such as: Uber, Airbnb, and Netflix. If you think about it, remember that for all their strengths, none of these companies own their own real estate or cars and are not even producers of entertainment content. At the same time it does not prevent them from providing intermediary services that connect service providers with their consumers and to benefit from this difference.

The founders of DAIN decided to follow the same path. And it turns out, to realize this idea, high-quality decentralized applications and the capacity of tens of thousands of devices that are not used worldwide are sufficient. What these devices can be computers, and smartphones, and laptops and tablets. In addition, users who decide to lease their capacity will be able to receive from DAIN a pleasant compensation stated in the form of a system internal token.

  • It is important to note that this type of business can open first class access to the use of artificial intelligence, both for personal and commercial purposes, and even for many educational institutions. What has long been needed is such technology that can handle large amounts of information in the shortest possible time.

At the same time, DAIN does not intend to limit its users in every opportunity and level of access, opening the door for all potential DAIN participants.
For me, this idea is just a big plan. After all, with the help of DAIN, every user will definitely be able to solve all their needs. Someone will solve the problem with an additional source of income, giving to use the capacity of the device that is not used. Someone will find the long awaited opportunity to use AI for their own purposes. For corporate clients, DAIN will reduce the costs of many processes, which previously could reach tens of thousands of dollars.
DAIN tokens are legally dependent on the intensity of the system detection. The reference file is defined to evaluate the processing power of the system: DIPS (DAIN Performance Index Standards). Each request for assistance desired by the system can be identified by a DIPS number that speaks to the recording power that is evaluated which must be completed.
DAIN identifiers (DAINT) are defined as process boundaries that allow 1 DIPS assistance to be requested in each dynamic Minimum Resource Cell in the system. 1 DAINT = 1 DIPS x #MRCs DAIN
Token (DAINT) is marked as a processing limit that allows the implementation of 1 DIPS request for assistance, in each dynamic Minimum Resource Cell in the system. 1 DAINT = 1 DIPS x  #MRCs
Tokens Allocation
– Sales of Public Tokens
– DainWare
DainWare is the organization responsible for the development and continual improvement of the base
Dain – DainServices DainServices is an administrative organization that offers several benefits including setting the top Dain to corporate customers and use cases of the use
– Gifts and Community
– Team and Advisory
We just started, but everything has been mapped and planned. Learn about the next steps.
2018 Q3
DAIN network conceptualized
2018 Q4
DAIN technical design completed
2019 Q1
Agreement with Universidad Pontificia de Comillas to fund the DAIN
2019 Q2 research project
DainWare funds the
White Paper to publish
Funds collected from 8 angel investors
Advisor Board
2019 Q3
Agreement with SecondWindow to provide development workforce
We are here
2019 Q4
IEO 1.0 Telefónica & Eleven Paths LoI
Private Sale Tokens
out of
2020 Q1
IEO 2.0 with additional exchange for coverage the wider.
Research Articles Publication of
PoC Industrial Use Case
2020 Q2
2020 Q4
launch Conceptnet
Release Demo
DainServices regulates
service providers and integrators Go-to-market service providers and integrators
The DAIN Team The DAIN team
consists of professionals with extensive experience in startups, entrepreneurship and large multinational companies. We are also proud to have the support of collaborators from various sectors and the academic world.
José Ramón García Luque
Co-founder & CEO of
Cognitive & AI Architect at Sabadell Bank
Luis Garcia San Luis CIO
at Deutsche Bank SAE
Carlos Díaz Conde
Business Development & Strategic Alliance
Jesús García San Luis
CTO & Founder 8g Analytics
Technology Advisor LossLessLinen
Luis Garcia Lorente
Founder of Promptwave
(ICEX Innovation Award)
Strategic Adviser Advisor & Judge @Startup  Europe Awards
Andrés Contreras Guillen
Kepala Solusi & Layanan
Penelitian Tim
José Luis Gahete Díaz
Professor of the Comillas Pontifical University of Madrid ICAI-ICADE
David Contreras Bárcena
Direktur Departemen Telematika give Komputasi of the Pontifical University Comillas of Madrid ICAI-ICADE
David Alfaya
Professor of Departemen Terapan Sekolah Teknik ICAI
Alejandro García San Luis
Professor of the Comillas Pontifical University of Madrid ICAI-ICADE
Israel Alonso Martínez
Professor of the Comillas Pontifical University of Madrid
Tim Penasihat ICAI-ICADE
Francesc Fajula De Quintana
Direktur Buka Inovasi di Banco Sabadell
Roberto Nuñez Del Rio
Founder in Why? Digital Training and HubIT
Marcos De Pedro
CEO at myClouddoor
Covadonga Fernández
Director at Blockchain Observatory
José Salamanca
COO at UST Global España & LATAM
Jorge Alonso
General Director at Second Window
Ricardo Usaola
Regional Vice President – Iberia MuleSoft Sales at Salesforce
Valentin Galan
Channel and Alliance Regional Partner Director at Mulesoft, a Salesforce Manager,
Juan Boquera
Operations Manager at The Cocktail
Juan Antonio Sánchez Cañibano
Chief Digital Sales Services Specialist
Jorge Aponte
Blockchain & Crypto Influencers | Global Busines Developer

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Twitter: / dainware


2Ether는 유망한 스타트 업을위한 편리한 저비용 런치 패드를 제공합니다

2Ether는 이더 리움 블록 체인 기반의 새로운 디지털 코인입니다. ERC20 토큰과 달리, 이것은 자체 블록 체인, 마이닝 인센티브 등을 통해 완전히 독립적 인 암호 화폐입니다. Solidity로 작성된 스마트 계약을 완벽하게 지원하며 Ethereum dApp과 호환됩니다.
2Ether 팀에는 몇 가지 주요 목표가 있습니다.
독립적 인 CPU / GPU 채굴 자 격려
ASIC 하드웨어를 사용하여 채굴 토지 지배로부터 보호하십시오. Ethereum의 보너스 블록이 3 분의 1로 줄어 들었고 시장 가격이 여전히 낮기 때문에 이것은 매우 중요합니다. 마이닝 이더 리움은 수익성을 멈추고 소규모 광부를 시장 밖으로 밀어냅니다. 우리는 인플레이션이 모든 디지털 통화에 문제가 될 수 있다는 것을 알고 있으므로 시간이 지남에 따라 상금을 줄여야합니다. 그러나 ASIC 농업이 규모의 경제 덕분에 어떤 시장 조건에서도 살아남는 것은 사실이 아니며 GPU 광부가 어려움을 겪고 있습니다. 2 혁신적인 동적 선물 블록 시스템 덕분에이 문제를 해결했습니다. 기본 보상은 시간이 지남에 따라 점차 감소합니다. 동시에 현재 가격에 맞게 동적으로 조정됩니다. 마지막으로
dApp 개발자를위한 저렴한 감사 도구를 제공합니다.
현명한 계약 감사는 투자자 자금을 보호하는 데 도움이되므로 매우 중요합니다. 불행히도, 블록 체인 보안 회사는 가장 간단한 감사에도 높은 수수료를 청구하며 많은 회사는 양질의 서비스를 제공하지 않습니다. 2Ether에서 프로젝트는 무료 감사 요청 (자동 테스트 및 수동보고의 조합)을 제출할 수 있습니다.이 테스트는 특별히 검사 한 커뮤니티 구성원이 수행합니다. 또한 라인 별 분석 및 여러 보고서를 포함한 전체 유료 감사가 있습니다.
IEO 플랫폼을 분산 교환과 통합
감사 시스템. IEO는 매우 인기가 높으며 아마도 ICO를 대체 할 것입니다. 프로젝트가 먼저 검사되기 때문에 훨씬 안전합니다. 그러나 거래소는 종종 성공을 보장하지 않고 ICO를 위해 수십만 달러의 비용이 듭니다. 2Ether는 커뮤니티가 모든 프로젝트 평가를 수행하고 모든 비용이 사용자에게 분배되는 분산 된 IEO 플랫폼을 제공합니다. 며칠 만에 IEO를 설치하고 시작할 수 있습니다. 다른 탈 중앙화 2Ether 거래소에 새 토큰이 등록됩니다. IEO 이전에는 프로젝트가 동일한 플랫폼에서 스마트 계약 감사를 주문할 수있었습니다.
우리의 임무
우리는 최고의 커뮤니티 아이디어의 선택을 검토하고 아이디어를 실현하고 광부, 개발자 및 창백한 인프라 프로젝트가 성장을 약속 할 수있는 프레임 워크를 구축하는 것을 목표로합니다. 
2Ether의 특별한 점은 무엇입니까?
새로운 데이터 분석 알고리즘을 사용하여 Google 기사를 검색하면서 Best Insights, 제안 된 개선 사항 및 시작을 수집했습니다. 2Ether 덕분에 IEO를 시작하고기도 일에만 아이디어를 검토 할 자금을 얻을 수 있습니다. 
도전 과제
2 소유권 증명 및 기타 기술로 즉시 전송하거나 이의를 제기하지 않는 속도의 전송을 약속하는 것은 없습니다. 대신 실제 네트워크 문제와 사용자 친화적 인 사례를 검토 할 수있는 솔루션을 제공합니다.

  • • 광부 검토에 대한 블록상은 계속 감소
  • • 너무 비싸고 신뢰할 수없는 IEO 모금
  • 감사 • 서비스 금액 : 사용 가능 품질 / 가격 비율이 낮습니다.
  • • 수집 된 자금의 많은 부분이 검토, 개발을 위해 목록에 사용됩니다.


  • • 검토를위한 역동적이고 구체적인 미션 상
  • • PT Direct가있는 자동 IEO 플랫폼
  • • 크라우드 소싱 스마트 계약 AI 및 무료 전원 AI
  • • 기본 탈 중앙화 거래소 포함 : 등록 수수료 없음 

혁신적인 기능
2Ether는 네트워크를 통해 혜택을받는 모든 사용자를 약속하고 보상하는 스타트 업을위한 편리한 저비용 런치 패드를 제공합니다.
실제 비즈니스에 사용하도록 설계
. 2Ether의 시장 전략의 핵심은 전자 상거래 상점, 게임 플랫폼, 크라우드 펀딩 사이트 등과 같은 글로벌 및 지역 암호화 지불 게이트웨이 및 온라인 비즈니스와 파트너십을 구축하는 것입니다.
스마트 계약의 무료 감사
IEO를 준비하는 프로젝트의 경우 스마트 계약 감사가 중요한 단계입니다. 감사 보고서는 잠재적 투자자에게 자금이 안전하다는 것을 증명합니다. 불행히도, 블록 체인 에이전시는 계약 감사에 대해 막대한 비용을 청구하며 항상 신뢰할만한 결과를 제공하지는 않습니다.
완벽한 IEO 자동화.
초기 교환 제안은 선호하는 모금 방법으로 ICO를 대체했습니다. 불행히도, 그것은 빠르게 산업으로 바뀌 었습니다. 대규모 교환은 IEO를 시작하는 데 수십만 달러가 소요되며 성공을 보장하지 않습니다.
다른 DEX 2 개
우리는 2EtherDEX를 설계하여 두 세계를 모두 최대한 활용했습니다. 완전 자동화 된 온 체인 주문 실행 및 해커 공격에 대한 방탄 보호 기능을 제공합니다.
2EtherDEX-새로운 차원의 탈 중앙화 거래 중앙화 거래소와 달리 2EtherDEX에서는 돈을 잃을 위험이 없습니다. 동시에, 유동성, 빠른 주문 매칭 및 다양한 분석 도구를 얻을 수 있습니다. Ethereum, EOS 및 TRON의 3 가지 블록 체인 중에서 선택할 수 있으며이 네트워크에서 발행 된 모든 토큰을 쉽게 거래 할 수 있습니다. 표준 블록 체인 네트워크 수수료를 제외하고 상장 수수료와 거래 수수료가 없습니다.
2 다른 지갑
우리는 당신이 매일 사용하려는 지갑을 설계했습니다. 초보자에게도 가볍고 빠르며 간단하지만 정교한 지갑에서 기대하는 모든 기능과 보안이 포함되어 있습니다. 2Ether wallet은 완전한 크로스 플랫폼 동기화 및 직관적 인 디자인을 제공합니다. 모든 일반적인 작업에는 세 번 이상의 비트나 클릭이 필요하지 않습니다. ET2, BTC, ETH, ETC, LTC 및 기타 수백 개의 다른 토큰과 코인을 저장하고 변환 할 수 있습니다. 다가오는 2.0 릴리스에서는보다 친숙한 연락처 목록을위한 기본 QR 코드 스캐너와 사용자 아바타를 소개합니다.
탈 중앙화 거래소와 통합
연락처 목록
QR 코드로 원 클릭 결제
피아트 변환
완벽한 ERC20 지원
상금 캠페인
ET2 코인을 얻기 위해 광부 일 필요는 없습니다. 사전 출시 상금 캠페인에 참여하기 만하면됩니다. 우리는 모두를위한 임무를 가지고 있습니다-당신은 당신이 만들고 싶은 토큰의 수를 결정합니다. 2 우리 프로젝트에 관한 단어를 널리 알리는 모든 사람에게 상을주었습니다. 선물을 극대화하기 위해 YouTube의 비디오 리뷰, 기사 및 블로그를 포함하여 2Ether에 관한 독창적 인 콘텐츠를 만들 수 있습니다. 귀하의 콘텐츠가 독특하고 관련성이 있으며 다른 곳에서 출판되지 않은 한 좋은 선물이 보장됩니다. 또는 뉴스와 트윗을 공유하거나 Facebook 및 Twitter에서 2Ether에 대한 간단한 게시물을 작성할 수 있습니다. 상품에 참여하려면 아래의 지금 가입 버튼을 클릭하십시오.
2019Q2 2019
팀 구성 및 아이디어
2019 년 3 분기
계획 및 코딩 포크
2019 년 4 분기
네트워크 출시 및 상금 캠페인
2020 년 1 분기 2020
분산 변위의 출시
2020 년 2 사분기
Ether Wallet 2.0 릴리스 및 통합 게이트웨이
2020 년 3 분기
크라우드 소싱 스마트 계약 감사 소개
2020 년 4 분기
IEO 및 IEO 플랫폼의 첫 번째 구현
2021 년 1 분기 2021
즉시 감사 계약을위한 AI 알고리즘
2021 년 2 분기
AI 기반 계약 감사 및 IEO 평가
자세한 내용은 아래 프로젝트의 공식 링크를 방문하십시오. 



Global futures community that facilitates traders to use cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency needs it, but more people need to understand it to be truly transformational. Nexxus has chosen to support services designed to help popularize cryptocurrency. They revolve around Nexxus Rewards –     Global Rewards Community    . The merchant loyalty program solves several unique problems that can be solved with blockchain technology. Because Nexxus Rewards resolves some industry-specific issues, it will help lead to the adoption of cryptocurrency as a whole. The core technology is Nexxus Rewards – the global Rewards community. Nexxus Rewards facilitates the use of cryptocurrency with win-win-win interactions for traders, buyers and local communities. Buyers have mobile and desktop applications to find Nexxus merchants to collect and exchange Nexxus Prize points. Nexxus Merchants has Nexxus promotional ads in their stores. Nexxus Rewards technology has begun with beta sellers now offering cash back prizes to buyers. Nexxus traders can help from all types of businesses in the community such as bakeries, salons, restaurants, boutiques, dry cleaning, shop bans, flower shops, souvenir shops, cafes, pizza dining rooms, burger connections, frozen yogurt shops, grocery stores, grocery stores groceries, service stations, butchers, game centers, miniature golf, concerts, home improvements, real estate, car dealers, etc. Nexxus Rewards is the first global loyalty award technology for bitcoin and other top cryptocurrency. Nexxus Rewards meets people where they feel most comfortable today by accepting local fiat currencies and ultimately bringing them to the value of cryptocurrency. Nexxus Rewards plans to develop explosively around the world with an approved and certified independent direct sales force and strategic distribution designed to create critical mass in the local community to provide enough buyers for traders and enough traders for buyers. Nexxus Partners has a strong technology background and has developed all of its technology internally for years. All technologies, including the Nexxus Global Rewards system and many supporting services such as the Nexxus University Learning Management System (LMS), the Nexxus Barter system, and the Direct Sales Management system are all developed, developed and activated by Nexxus without requiring a lot of money. for critical functionality. This allows Nexxus to move quickly with enhancements and improvements to meet the needs of the environment. We offer the first repurchase option of its kind to investors who will participate in the IEO that is currently taking place on    ProBit    . Investors have the opportunity to buy NexxusCoin (NXR) on ProBit for $ 0.2 per token. Apart from the huge bonus the investor will get, which reaches 22% on each token purchased, there is a $ 1 repurchase option for every token sold during IEO. This means that apart from a huge 22% bonus, you can get a 500% return on investment. HOW DOES EVERYONE WORK

Traders decide what percentage of sales they will offer as gifts to buyers based on their profit margins. Low-margin businesses such as gas stations or grocery stores may only be able to offer 1% – 2% prizes. Businesses with high margins such as hair salons or laundry can offer 15% – 20% or more. Prizes directly to the shopper. Traders also pay a small marketing fee for valuable Nexxus Prize services. Marketing costs are a match of the percentage of their prizes up to 5%. If the merchant offers a 1% prize then their marketing fee is only 1%. If they offer a 20% prize then their marketing fee is only 5%. Marketing costs are gross income for Nexxus Rewards and are used, inter alia, to pay buyer references and to fund charity for their assistance with buyer purchases.

As an example; Church refers to Buyer # 1 which refers to buyer # 2 who makes a $ 100 purchase from a Merchant that offers a 10% discount. 1. Merchant collects $ 100 from Shopper # 2 using any payment method that is acceptable. 2. Traders enter gift transactions for Buyer # 2. 3. The trader pays the $ 10 used to buy the Nexxus Token for $ 1.00 from a public exchange for the shopper prize. 4. Traders pay $ 5 for marketing fees. 5. Nexxus Rewards gives Shopper a $ 10 shopping credit that they can see in their mobile applications to be redeemed like cash at each Nexxus merchant. 6. The Nexxus Prize gives 10% of the marketing costs as a $ 0.50 reference gift to Shopper # 1 which refers to a shopping credit that can be exchanged like cash at any Nexxus merchant. 7. The Nexxus Gift gives 20% of marketing costs as $ 1.00 in cash to the referring Church.

During the sale of the IEO Nexxus Token, all NXR token buyers are given the Buy Back option for all or part of the purchased tokens. When Nexxus Rewards buys Nexxus Tokens from the public exchange to give to shoppers as gifts for shopping transactions, it first looks to fulfill each Buyback option. 1. The buyer of the purchase option is contacted in the order of purchase of Nexxus Tokens during IEO. 2. They are given the choice to accept or reject the one-time offer to sell all or part of their Nexxus Token to the Nexxus Prize for $ 1. 3. If they receive an offer, they are given specific instructions for making a sell order for the specified Nexxus Token amount of $ 1.00 each. 4. The Nexxus Prize identifies sales orders on the public exchange and buys $ 1.00 orders per token. The list of Buy Back option holders is managed in priority order based on the purchase date of the Nexxus Token during IEO. Why we can guarantee this Repurchase Unlike the majority (if not all) tokens / coins out there in the crypto room, NXR does not depend on speculative trading or that we will try to use fake news / products to raise prices. At Nexxus, we make requests for our buyers. Our traders, by value, will give them customer shipping, they pay us for this service and this payment is called free shopping dollars. These shopping dollars come from traders and go directly to public exchanges, they buy Nexxus tokens and they are given to consumers in the form of free shopping dollars. These consumers can collect and redeem them from merchants who participate in networks throughout the world. We believe that tokens have real value, it must be in demand. Nexxus Token has a default buyer request as an internal currency from the Nexxus Prize. Therefore, we do not sit waiting for speculators to get excited and excited about our project, we create the demand of our buyers. Each shopping transaction creates buyer demand for Nexxus Tokens. That’s how we can guarantee a price of $ 1 because that is the price set in the Nexxus Prize system for the Nexxus Token. Therefore, you can get a Nexxus Token on    ProBit with    a 20 cent guarantee to get a 5x investment. However, this repurchase priority is based on a first-in / first-out basis. It was the first token buyer who would have the first option to sell the token they bought to Nexxus Rewards with a minimum of $ 1. Don’t miss your chance to benefit from this unprecedented offer.


The best local problem. Local charities and non-profit organizations are the best at local social challenges, whether in the local soup kitchen to feed the homeless, local shelters to protect beaten women, or local animal shelters for abandoned animals. However, these programs are too often underfunded and hindered by government bureaucracy, spending excessive costs, and spending donations on time. Small and medium businesses provide the majority of jobs and their most important needs are the community. A higher percentage of every dollar spent on local businesses remains in the local community. But they struggle to compete with big companies, big stores, and national chains. 20% of small businesses fail in their first year. 30% fail in the second year, and 50% of small businesses fail after 5 years.


Charity gets an endowment fundraiser that is used to fund their unlimited social goals from an unlimited network of buyers who tell their friends, and who tell their friends, and … you can get it. Traders get and retain new customers with free and affordable marketing solutions where they pay nothing until after the sale, and the compilation they pay, they ask for their own prices. Buyers collect and exchange Nexxus Reward points that are distributed like cash from all valuable traders. Free shopping dollars are only for shopping and sharing with their friends. Nexxus Prize Technology is ready to produce to make money with product development and market testing completed


Real Utility Buyers Requesting Internal Currency Prizes The NexxusNexxus Token has a default buyer request as an internal currency of the Nexxus Prize. Every purchase in any currency drives buyer demand and the value of the Nexxus token. Regardless of the currency used for purchases, the percentage of cash back prizes offered by merchants are automatically bought from the market in the Nexxus token. For example, if a trader offers a 10% cash back prize and the shopper spends $ 100, the Nexxus Prize takes $ 10 from the merchant and buys a $ 10 Nexxus token from the public exchange. Potentially tens to hundreds of millions of dollars are valued every day at Nexxus Reward Points creating demand for extraordinary utility buyers. Similar to the Ether coin used by Ethereum, Nexxus tokens have utility as the internal currency of Nexxus Rewards and can increase its value as the use of Nexxus Rewards solutions grows worldwide. Ethereum provides computing services for the programmer market, while Nexxus provides marketing services for a larger market of traders and buyers. Many traditional loyalty programs are available today without blockchain technology. The Nexxus Rewards blockchain solution has a distinct advantage compared to traditional static loyalty points that are exclusive to SHARED and DYNAMIC Reward Points supported by Nexxus Tokens from the public market to take advantage of international expansion. Ethereum provides computing services for the programmer market, while Nexxus provides marketing services for a larger market of traders and buyers. Many traditional loyalty programs are available today without blockchain technology. The Nexxus Rewards blockchain solution has a distinct advantage compared to traditional static loyalty points that are exclusive to SHARED and DYNAMIC Reward Points supported by Nexxus Tokens from the public market to take advantage of international expansion. Ethereum provides computing services for the programmer market, while Nexxus provides marketing services for a larger market of traders and buyers. Many traditional loyalty programs are available today without blockchain technology. The Nexxus Rewards blockchain solution has a distinct advantage compared to traditional static loyalty points that are exclusive to SHARED and DYNAMIC Reward Points supported by Nexxus Tokens from the public market to take advantage of international expansion.


  1. Affordable Marketing Solutions  Every business has its own price.
  2. The Community Cooperative Program  funds important local social causes.
  3. The Joint  Buyer   Prize Program   collects and redeems prizes from all merchants.
  4. Viral Referral Marketing   Rewards    Buyers    to refer to their friends & family
  5. Leveraged Fixed Fundraising,  Paying charity from the entire shopping reference network

Info token

  1. Ticker:   NXX
  2. Type: Utility-token
  3. Token standard: ERC20
  4. Price of tokens in USD: 1    NXX    = 0.2 USD
  5. Murrencies diterima: BTC, ETH, USDT, PROB


  1. Public sales: 15 Oct 2019 – 29 Oct 2019
  2. Token supply: 375,000,000    NXX
  3. Total tokens sold: 50,000,000    NXX
  4. Soft cap: 2.000.000 USD
  5. Hard cap: 10.000.000 USD


  1. Platform Blockchain: Ethereum
  2. Country of registration: United States
  3. Registration year: 2019
  4. Office address: 1400 Preston Road, Suite 400, Plano, TX, 75093 USA

Token distribution:

  1. ANGEL: 98.000.000 – 26%
  2. RESEARCH: 56,000,000 – 15%
  3. EVANGELIST: 69.000.000 – 18%
  4. DISTRIBUTION: 243,000,000 – 65%
  5. SALES TOKEN: 50,000,000 – 13%
  6. RECOMMENDATIONS: 82,000,000 – 22%

Budget allocation:

  1. SALES STAFF: 50.0% – $ 5,000,000
  2. ADMIN STAFF: 15.0% – $ 1,500,000
  3. AD: 12,5% – $ 1.250.000
  4. MARKETING: 5.0% – $ 500,000
  5. COMMUNITY RELATIONS: 5.0% – $ 500,000
  6. INDUSTRIAL CONFERENCE: 5.0% – $ 500,000
  7. CAPITAL FEE: 5.0% – $ 500,000
  8. OFFICE & OVERHEAD: 2,5% – $ 250,000


  • 1/2016 – 1/2018  Product Development
  • 1/2018 – 6/2019  Market Testing
  • 6/2019 – 12/2019 Crowdfunding
  • 9/2019 – 12/2019  Sales Team Acquisition & Training
  • 1/2020 – 6/2020 Plano Merchant & Charity Acquisition
  • 6/2020 – 12/2020  North Dallas Expansion
  • 1/2021 – 12/2021  Expansion of the Dallas Area
  • 1/2022 – 12/2022  Ft. Expansion of Eligible Areas

Project team



RICH ENGAGEMENT Marketing Director

GARY BERRIOCHOA VP of Business Development

MIKE SORENSEN Director of Technology

BILL RICHARDSON Financial controller

MICHAEL BAILEY Localization Director

For more information, please follow the link below:

Website: Whitepaper: Telegram: Facebook: Twitter: Linkedin: Medium: Instagram: Youtube:;u=2653695



Online gambling of several types of games that can be easily launched

Since time immemorial, bets have always been given a prominent place and this is due to their nature of risk, adrenaline, and possible profits. From the days of the Roman emperor to the rise of electronic sports, his superiors always tried their luck on events they liked. The gambling and betting industry worldwide is so large that it is worth $ 3 trillion even if four-fifths operate underground.Because Internet and cellular based platforms continue to take an increasingly large portionmarket, further growth is even projected into the future. Nevertheless, bets always have to compete with several problems. The frequent scandals of unethical bookmakers and corruption-laden units have damaged the image of a promising industry. In the case of defeat, the bettor leaves nothing and in the case of the recorded victory, the bettor never gets a penny from their victory. In addition, outrageous costs and unnecessary complications are the main reasons why many are not interested in engaging in betting activities.Over time, betting grew from what was known as a fun social event to what was seen as a personal risk.

CVB is a decentralized betting platform based on Ethereum technology and Smart Contracts. Betting is big business, but the online betting industry is plagued by several problems. There is an overall perception of injustice due to security concerns, lack of transparency and social character, unfair opportunities, high costs and low returns – all factors alienating many potential bettors or leading them to underground betting.

CVB Solutions utilizes Blockchain technology to ensure the safest and transparent betting experience. There are no intermediaries involved: Players make bets and provide liquidity to meet payments. Smart contracts protect funds and automatically distribute winnings based on betting conditions and yields. The whole process is fully decentralized, secure, and self-regulating. All bets on the platform will be made by our digital token: CVB. Our vision is to develop such an ecosystem, centered around superior betting solutions – and to set CVB tokens as global betting standards.

Our goal towards the end of the day is for CVB tokens to be changed to the overall standard as far as betting is concerned. For this to become a reality, we must send a number of procedures that will build a broad-based environment and advance general recognition of CVB. Social betting will not happen everywhere and to achieve the goals described, we will work with each of the relevant partners.

A token deal is a money-raising strategy that depends on Blockchain innovation. For the most extreme candor and certainty of members, the agreement is directed by the Intelligent Contract sent to the Ethereum Blockchain. During the token agreement, the CVB token will be accessible as the final result of ETH, BTC, LTE commitments. To get a CVB token, the giver will send Ether, Btc, Lte to the CVB authority Smart Contract address token deal. All outgoing CVB tokens will be displayed on the ICO website and distributed to the giver’s wallet address when the transaction ends. After the token is used to play the game it will be valued at $ 11.99, comparable to the most reduced ticket incentives to join the game. This implies the cost of the token will build several times more than the cost in the ICO set. As well,

How does it work?

On the CVB platform, users can bet on various sports activities. Other betting platforms often operate with books and this makes players feel less secure and uncomfortable. On the CVB platform, players can play directly with each other, creating playgrounds with completely new and interesting rules. We will benefit from the platform by charging a minimum fee from the player (much cheaper than many betting platforms). When we launch the platform, the user will deposit the CVB token to play ($ 11.99 will be the lowest bet value).


Games with a minimum prize for winners are $ 100,000. With the first 10 points, players must get 1000 points a week (7 days). The prize for the winner is $ 100,000. The game participation fee is $ 11.99 per round (including $ 10 for the prize budget and $ 1.99 for the fee).


Arena 100 continues to open with a fixed number of players in each room: 10, 20, 50, 100 players (players can choose the room they want to play). When there are enough players in one room, Clevebet will randomly choose a match to bet on. Tickets include $ 11.99, $ 22.99, $ 55.99, $ 111.99.


Match of Arena is a game that is started by a match. Each match is equivalent to a game that starts with a different ticket price of $ 11.99; $ 22.99; $ 55.99; $ 111.99. For this game, all participants will play in the form of placing batches and an unlimited number of players (for example Arena Game 100). The game is available to start registering before the match lasts 01 hours and finish to register after the match lasts the first 15 minutes. Players start placing batches when the game starts.

CVB Solution

In short, CVB overcomes the most profound challenges of conventional betting by transferring power from the betting provider and into the hands of the player community. Players make bets, set rules, and provide liquidity to meet payments. The whole process is fully decentralized, transparent and self-regulating.

Blockchain technology makes it possible to operate networks without intermediaries (the main source of structural problems and vulnerabilities in conventional systems). While Smart Contracts not only ensure that betting conditions are respected and immune to manipulation, they also protect player funds in an escrow account. Only when the bet ends, the funds will be released to the winner of the bet. All this, automatically and seamlessly.

The CVB platform consists of three core components:

  • CVB Token
  • Protocol CVB
  • CVB Application Layer

CVB Token

This is the ERC-20 electronic token on which CVB depends. Every transaction and part of the payment for the ecosystem all depends on it. CVB tokens can really be used with many other Ether wallets such as Imtoken, MyEther-Wallet, and others. Players who do not get a CVB token at the time are one sale can buy it through their CVB Wallet or from crypto exchange.

Protocol CVB

This is a machine that relies on a blockchain that drives the entire system. This includes Smart Contracts, CVB Wallet and a number of items. This technology allows for safe, fair and open betting. The CVB protocol is standard and allows for all who contribute to an excellent and ideal betting platform.

CVB Application Layer

This is the Application Layer that really does all the magic. This is a collection of amazing applications that are embedded with the CVB Protocol. This allows the design of all user-centered applications.MARKET PROBLEMSThere are several obstacles to the online betting market. Among other factors, the odds of bookies are still on his side, wins are often not paid, and even those who often record wins are prohibited without a reason. In short, there is no openness and security, there are outrageous accusations and low benefits, and social interaction is nothing special. All of these problems hamper the participation of many potential players.Token Sale:

Start date: OCT, 2019End Date: June, 2020Soft Cover: 1.000.000 CVBHard stamp: 10,000,000 CVBToken: CVB TokenStarting Price: 1 CVB = $ 1Sales Token: 0 CVB (0%)Sales Token: 0 CVB (0%)Allocation of Token Sales Results:

Marketing – 35%Management Team – 5%Project Development – 45%Legal procedure – 5%Prize fund – 10%Distribution Token:

ICO Sales -75%Development Team – 20%Airdrop & Bounty – 5%ROADMAP:




 Situs web:
 Facebook: https : : //
 Ann Thread:


Stan World

Stan World

virtual platform

STAN Coins is a cryptocurrency utility that you can use to:Profit: creators get the biggest percentage of profits generated from their creations (items, experiences, games)Engagement: users also get prizes when they contribute through engagement activities such as testing, reviewing, and promoting creationsReal World Exchange: transactions occur in the virtual world but also in the real world where users can use coins interchangeably

Stan World is a platform that combines media, virtual reality, social networking. It was determined that the strongest and most sincere bond was formed between people from the same community. A camp is a relationship formed between people from the same community. Stanning – anything, everything that brings together video games, brands, hobbies, films / book / TV series. However, any hobby can be a vulnerability for someone, especially in our world, where something is constantly being controlled or people are constantly under pressure from the environment. So, Stan World is a kind of angle where there is no such pressure, where all ties are marked by rewards, where one can open one’s prospects and prevent the outside world from delegitimating these spaces.

Early recipients of freedom of plot, action and choice become GTA 3, Minecraft and others. It should be noted that they are still competing with new products in this area – PUBG, Fortnite, Roblox, League of Legends. All of these games are still played by millions of people. The open world game industry shows its best, when the standard cost of 2.5 billion dollars overcomes two games – Minecraft and Roblox, which is able to fight the critics who believe that the plot is the main thing.About Stan WorldHowever, Stan World is more than just a social platform; this is the world. Users find friends in new ways:• virtual reality: communicating through private conversations imitated in a virtual three-dimensional virtual world• virtual avatars: be what you want and express your identity with a fully customizable avatar• virtual community: join Standoms, a community of users who gather based on the same interests / hobbies• virtual classes: watching movies, attending concerts, playing games, going to amusement parks or relaxing together in a virtual worldEverything in our world is fully engineered, created, and managed by the community.Using our AI-based authoring tool, each user or group of friends – without additional knowledge – can contribute to their community in the form of:• creator: uses keywords to create virtual objects to create objects, experiences, and games.• Users: Contribute to this creation through various forms of participation, such as testing, reviewing, and promotion.Stan Coin, Stan World’s main currency, is protected by smart blockchain contracts that make all attribution verifiable and unchanging. We use the blockchain to ensure that creators / users receive compensation automatically, safely and instantly.Stan Coin is a cryptocurrency utility with various applications at:• award-winning creations: creators receive the largest percentage of profits from their creations• Stimulate engagement: Users also get rewards when they contribute to engagement activities such as testing, analysis and promoting creations.• address the real world: transactions occur both in the virtual world and in the real world, where users can use coins interchangeablyThanks to blockchain technology, we have developed the Stan World ecosystem to provide fair and reasonable benefits for all involved.Access to Stan World is currently open only to Stan Coin holders, and we are now starting our Stan Coin sales round.Sales will be limited, so be sure to get involved when we open and become one of the first citizens in the new world!FeatureStan World will provide a virtual experience that can be fully utilized by users. Whether selling virtual t-shirts, merchandise or souvenirs, Stan World users will have the opportunity to participate in various economic events and opportunities. By utilizing this virtual marketplace, Stan World will create a new environment for users to explore and grow with their communities.Users choose what they want to do at Stan World, whether it’s immersion in a big role playing adventure, competition with other users or just playing with friends on the Internet, you choose it and we can solve it. Users can chat with other fans to sing, dance and chat in the VR-K-pop karaoke room, attend Elon Land along with other Elon Musk fans, or participate in the Naga Game combat tournament in front of thousands of spectators watching in real time. Freedom is absolutely yours.Stan World will target existing community audiences and fandoms that will be adapted to the virtual world. This will allow users to facilitate Stan World’s fandom activities, most similar to how they interact in the real world, but in a more interesting way in virtual reality.


Pre-sale: 26 Sep 2019 – Oct 3 2019

Public sales: 03 Oct 2019 – 31 Oct 2019

Token supply: 1,000,000,000 STAN

Total tokens sold: 550,000,000 STAN

Soft cap: 5.000.000 USD

Hard cap: 30.000.000 USD

Info token

Ticker: STAN

Type: Utility-token

Price of tokens in USD: 1 STAN = 0.75 USD

Price of the token in ETH: 1 STAN = 0.0043 ETH

Accepted currencies: ETH, BTC, USD, EOS, LTC, TRX, XRP, ADA

Bonus program:

ICO Bonuses (bonuses for various stages):

Pre-Sales: $ 0.10 USD, 15% Bonus, 2019/09 / 26-10 / 10

Round 1: $ 0.25 USD, 10% Bonus, 2019/10 / 17-10 / 19

Round 2: $ 0.50 USD, 5% Bonus, 2019/10 / 24-10 / 26

Round 3: $ 0.75 USD, 5% Bonus, 2019/10 / 31-11 / 02

Token distribution:

55% – Token Sale

15% – Tim

10% – Mitra

10% – Marketing

10% – Suggestions

Budget allocation:

50% – Development

10% – Surgery

10% – Legal

10% – Marketing

10% – Creator Fund

10% – Suggestions

Roadmap Stan World

Q1 2020


Launch of K-pop Standom.

Sales of Coins + 5 ~ 10 Exchanges.

Creation tools recognize words.

The creation tool activates the production of virtual goods.

Blockchain activates a virtual goods referral reward system.

Kemitraan festival K-pop.

Q2-Q3 2020


Launch of Anime Standoms.

More listings on the exchange.

Creation tools recognize phrases.

The creation tool activates the production experience.

Blockchain activates the virtual goods market.

Comic-con partnership.

Q4 2020 – Q1 2021


Launch of Influencer Standoms.

Creation tool recognizes sentences.

The creation tool activates collaboration creation.

Blockchain activates collaboration payment systems.

Influencer a virtual fan meeting.

Influencers related to convention partnerships.

Q2-Q3 2021


Launch of Standoms Mitra.

Creation tools recognize paragraphs.

The creation tool activates game production.

The creation & blockchain tool activates the asset upload & reward system.

Blockchain activates a collaborator discovery system.

Blockchain activates the brand sponsorship system.

Q4 2021

Large launch campaign.

Launch streaming system.

Creation tools recognize stories.

The creation tool activates the production of VR content.

Blockchain activates the creator-support system.

An exclusive virtual event.

Project team

Kee Hoon Lee: Pendiri & CEO

Lihat Chin Woon: Co-founder & CTO

Peter Jung: Co-founder & COO

Joon Kim: Developers

Joseph Park: Developer

David Ko: Business Analyst

Jin Yu: Business Developer

Kelly Cheng: Business Developer

Simon Lee: Finance


David Moon: Counselor

You can get more useful information about this resource:










Username: byleth

Asclepius Network

Asclepius Network

the most advanced medical knowledge in the world.

We bring innovation to the medical field by gathering knowledge.Our cloud-type electronic medical device, iMedsn, offers next-generation operations and diagnostic support information at iMedsn.Regarding the diagnostic protocol and treatment of various diseases, we first installed the protocol recommended by each technical association.In the future, we will gather knowledge from various experts and make it possible to use the name registered when referring to medical records. In addition, the medical information that underlies this service is highly confidential and should not be changed or leaked.That’s why we developed an application that manages medical data using blockchain technology. With this technology, it is possible to build a strong platform that is strong against external attacks

Detailed information about medicines that doctors see from medical support systems such as electronic medical records of patents for the mechanism to be provided to pharmaceutical companies.
In addition, doctors have the function of directly requesting drug ingredients from the system, and when documents are requested, drug manufacturers will be charged a fee. In other words, the mechanism that puts MR functions into electronic medical records.

Our mission is to pave the way to make the latest medical care and technology available to everyone in the world, using our knowledge and expertise in information technology.

We envision a worldwide medical network where every citizen of the world can benefit from the most advanced medical knowledge and expertise.

We have named the network we imagined to be the Asclepius Network according to the ancient Greek medical god, Asclepius. As if thanks to the Greek gods, we have been fortunate enough to receive enthusiastic support from many people.

We are still at the beginning of a long journey ahead, but we have been contacted by many people who have stated their intention to participate in the network. Our proven track record in patented technology in processing electronic medical records clearly demonstrates our strength in technology.

With the strength of our technology supported by our track record, we began our project to build this worldwide network of Asia.

Make medical care the most advanced available to everyone in the world

Our mission is to integrate the knowledge and expertise of medical care in the world and to make the most advanced medical care available equally to everyone.

Globally, researchers continue to advance medical care by developing new therapies and medicines with various technological innovations.

Unfortunately, not everyone can benefit from such advanced medical care. Our challenge is finding ways to provide the most advanced medical care available to everyone in the world.

The highest obstacle we see is “knowledge and expertise.” The so-called home doctors who treat patients in the future have difficulty giving them standard medical attention. Every doctor is required to familiarize himself with the large volume of pathological and pharmaceutical knowledge. These barriers are even higher for doctors in developing countries who have to treat various diseases, which makes it almost impossible to provide the most advanced medical care there.

No doctor can obtain diagnostic expertise overnight, because it is important to understand that every patient comes with their unique condition.

Even pharmacists, who specialize in preparing medicines, have difficulty explaining the contents of each prescription exactly as intended, regardless of experience in the profession.

Against this background, we have explored ways to provide doctors with the most sophisticated information about medical care and prescriptions. We trust our support because through this project it will ultimately produce everyone in the world who is on par with the most advanced medical care.

In addition, we not only provide that information to doctors, but also offer carefully selected information about health care and medical care to anyone who deals with health improvement.

Through our project, we are committed to contributing to human health by improving the quality of medical care in the world and by providing everyone with the most sophisticated medical care.

The integration of knowledge and expertise in the most advanced medical care

For this reason, we will collect from all over the world and integrate information about the most advanced medical care for shared knowledge property.

A system where users can take advantage of services created from shared property will ultimately provide the most advanced medical care for everyone in the world.

By managing a data platform that connects the latest diagnostic and pharmaceutical information, expertise and all, we will be able to integrate the latest medical knowledge and expertise and to complement the global medical information platform.

Creating an ASCAa Lab We will create an ASCAa Lab virtual laboratory in the Asclepius Network, which is a global medical information network that we will develop.

ASCAa Lab will offer a virtual research environment, where leading medical researchers around the world can participate, utilizing advanced medical knowledge and expertise that is integrated and medical records from around the world.

One of the systems that will be developed from the use of integrated data is an AI-assisted diagnostic system, starting with AI-assisted diagnostic imaging.

The results of the study will be used for various businesses to promote the health of all people in the world.

In addition to health information, we will carefully select products with a strong reputation based on expert knowledge and certify them with authentic effects and highly reliable information. We will support evidence-based health promotion by providing information about ASCAa Lab’s certified health care products to people around the world.

Develop the most advanced medical information platform

We aim to develop a “medical information platform” of the most sophisticated medical care. We will achieve this goal by using blockchain and encryption technology.Authenticity:
Medical information contains highly confidential information. Information about the most advanced medical care collected for the integration of expertise and knowledge as well as medical records containing personal information such as diagnostic records and health checks should not be falsified.Safety:
Patient records and medical information stored on the blockchain must not be deleted.Availability:
Medical information systems that support the most advanced medical care must be run 24/7 without interruption.Scalability:
The system must accommodate exponential increase in medical information, patient records, and health inspection data while maintaining future updates. The system can overcome all these challenges using only blockchain technology, based on cryptocurrency technology. Medical information about expertise and integrated knowledge about medical care most sophisticated and medical records that contain personal diagnostic records and health inspection data require protection from forgery, especially when authenticity is very important in cases of medical malpractice and medical accidents. In addition, each data set contains information that is very private and private so it is highly encrypted. With this technology, information will become big data that can be verified and safe to operate. In addition,Towards the integration of the most advanced medical knowledge in the world.

No matter how good our vision for the “Asclepius Network” project is, and no matter how much information about our medical blockchain system, we will ultimately turn all information into a large amount of waste unless we can integrate, manage and use it. We will not only build a medical blockchain system, but also develop software to integrate and utilize medical information and health care.

This step is the first of our “Asclepius Network” project. Many might wonder if there are tools that can help doctors and other users in situations like the one above. The key to overcoming this challenge lies in the services we are now introducing.

Many also wonder if any device can provide medical care to everyone on earth. The answer to this challenge will once again be found in this service.

This service will serve as an entry point to the most advanced integration between expertise and knowledge, which is the core of the medical blockchain system, and they will ultimately mean getting out of it.

This is our electronic medical record system for all doctors and health promotion applications for everyone.Information accumulation with ASCAa-ESDM
Our ASCAa-EMR electronic medical record system comes with next-generation operability, and we plan to embed a diagnosis that helps information in the system. In Japan, the so-called five-minute diagnosis rules have been put in place, so that each patient meeting will take five minutes as specified by the country’s medical expenditure system. The purpose of this rule is to promote a more thorough examination of the patient, which can be shorter. But the current medical record system is too complicated to only make entries on time; the rules do not, thus, help doctors spend more time examining their patients. With efficient ASCAa-EMR operability, it only takes thirty seconds to note a patient.

  1. AI-assisted diagnostic information
  2. ASCAa-EMR Multilingual
  3. Usability improvements
  4. Embedded wallet function
  5. Telemedicine must be possible
  6. Real-time research of the latest pharmaceutical information
  7. Reservation system and insurance claim function



JpMedsn’s stand

Capital 60 JPY JPY at H1

Starting from the development of ASCAa-ESDM


148,750,000 JPY as capital at H1

Starting from the development of ASCAa-Personal

ASCAa-EMR α version released, trial phase in several clinics


The release of the ASCAa-EMR α version on the Q1 / Apple App Store certification was obtained

Capital 249,750,000 JPY in H2

Q2 2018

Launch ASCAa-Personal and start full scale promotion in Q2

Q3 2018

Launch of the ASCAa-EMR β version in Q3, a pilot operation

Q2 2019

Launch ASCAa-EMR and begin full scale promotion in Q2


ASCAa-Personal full-scale distribution with ASCA issued

Make ASCAa Lab in 2Q


Hiroyuki Yamaguchi: CEO, JpMedsn Co., Ltd.

Masakuni Tamura: Board Director, JpMedsn Co., Ltd.

Kazuma Kurokawa: CFO

Advisory Board

Medical Supervision

Hiroyuki YasuokaMD: Director, Minami Akasaka Clinic

Peter Lingström: Professor / Senior Dental Officer,

Department of Cariology, Department of Dentistry, Sahlgrenska Academy,

University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Sales advisor

Lalit Bansal: Marketing Strategy Advisor

Marketing Strategy Advisor

Dmitri Belkov

Technology Advisor

Bharat Gandass

The protection of intellectual property rights

Ryosuke Tamura: Chief patent attorney, Lighthouse International Patent Firm

Website: byleth
Link:;u=2653695#Asclepius Network #Asclepius NetworkPRESALE #Asclepius NetworkICO



Decentralized Blockchain-based media platform


Cryptoknowmics is one of the good and decentralized media portals available for every aspect of the crypt world. Our goal is to become the largest media platform in the crypto field. We provide news, videos, airdrops, events, analytics, market fundamentals, dApps, ICO, STO, IEO, coins, tokens, exchanges, wallets, detailed market analysis and real-time tutorials that help fans and traders better understand the cryptographic world that complex to understand and recognize market trends. We integrate information from more than 3,000 sources and give our users a complete and detailed overview and technical market analysis. We also help people find work on Crypto and companies by registering their names and information on our platform.We will also offer an open discussion forum where users can voice their opinions and conduct one-on-one interviews with experts or talk with each other to create smart and harmonious panels. The Global Crypto API and Global Crypto Index, which contain prices and trends of all the leading exchanges around the world, will also be integrated into the platform. We will offer an enhanced arbitration module with more than 200 coins / tokens and 20,000 trading pairs, with which crypto traders can easily hedge and produce.We are proud of our honesty and transparency and strive for consistency. We continue to strive to grow and develop structurally and technologically. To ensure credibility, we place all our articles and press releases in a comprehensive screening process carried out by our talented editorial staff. We are currently working on applying artificial intelligence to eliminate false news and ensure that our users receive the most accurate, accurate and diverse information. To be always right, we check the market and regularly exchange information with a good comb.

Why is Cryptoknowmics so innovative?

This innovation is based on content strategies that provide users with incentives for almost all tasks performed on the platform, including reading news or articles.We publish news, videos, live broadcasts, events, reviews, market fundamentals, applications, ICO, STO, IEO, coins, tokens, exchanges, wallets, detailed market analysis and trading modules. Tutorials help fans and retailers better understand the complex world of cryptography and recognize market trends. We integrate information from more than 3,000 sources and give our users a complete and detailed overview and technical market analysis. We also help those who are looking for crypto and entrepreneurial currencies by entering their names and information on our platform.We also have an open discussion forum where users can voice their opinions, interact privately with experts or communicate with each other and create smart and organized content. Podium. Google’s API and crypto index, which includes prices and trends of all major world stock exchanges, will also be included in the platform. We will introduce an advanced arbitration module consisting of more than 200 coins / tokens and 20,000 trading pairs, which allows crypto traders to easily withdraw and execute.

The proposed cryptocurrency

  • Real-time message integration from more than 3,000 sources
  • Comprehensive global market overview
  • AI purpose of the Audience
  • Textbooks provide market information.
  • I’m on fake news


Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, cryptocurrency has experienced unprecedented growth and potential in creating new products, services, markets and investment opportunities for people around the world. Cryptocurrency quickly draws public attention and quickly becomes a habit in everyday transactions. This has created an extraordinary demand for krypton news and products related to krypton news. In fact, there are hundreds if not thousands of cryptographic and media sites on the Internet. However, all of these media specialize in one or more aspects of crypt space. Therefore, people often need access to different resources / platforms to meet their needs. because there is no reliable source or platform that can properly and efficiently meet the needs of almost all market segments. On the other hand in crypto,


Cryptoknowmics creates a decentralized all-in-one platform that covers almost all aspects of crypto space and provides a reliable source of information and services for the industry. In other words, he prepared the Financial Times or the Wall Street Journal for the crypto world with many additional features. An innovative platform for innovation is a content strategy that encourages users to do almost everything they do on the platform.

Open Platform for our Customers or Customers

  • Users are incentivized for the simplest of actions.
  • Take part and get exclusive offers in various categories.
  • In-depth market analysis and feedback.
  • Tutorial provides market intelligence.
  • AI-based false news detection and elimination.
  • Crypto news aggregation from more than 3000 sources.
  • An advanced arbitration module that includes more than 2000 coins / tokens and 10,000 trading pairs

Token Economics:Cryptoknowmics aims to raise $ 6 million in ICO to finance the full development and implementation of the platform. Token sales are scheduled to begin in July 2019 and will continue until a hard cap is found.information tokenToken Name: Forensic TokenAny symbol: SCMToken Type: ERC20Total Token reserves: 10 billionPrice of the token: $ 0.0024Hardcap: 6 billion dollarsDistributed tokensPersonal / Ocean Sales 25.00%15.00% booking bonusConsultants and strategic partners, 10.00%Team Owner 15.00%Host dan Drop 5,00%Members / Customers 30.00%Use of funds20.0% platform development20.0% ad marketingStrategic partnership and business development 20.0%Operating Costs 20.0%Legality and compliance 10.0%Cyber ​​security and security 5.0%5.0% recommendationallocation

roadmapCryptoknowmics develops information platforms and services globally, based on data, and distributed throughout the world.Q1 2019January – March 2019Cryptoknowmics betaQ2 2019April – June 2019CKM Cellular Application – Android on ApplePlatform AirdropQ3 2019July – September 2019IEO sales tokenGame Crypto Dari CKMforumQ4 2019October – December 2019Blockchain based tokens distribution for authors and end usersStart the organization of crypto events and conferencesICO / STO launcherArbitration – 200+ exchanges \ 10,000+ trading pairsFirst quarter of 2020January – March 2020The discovery of artificial intelligence based on artificial intelligenceAI based API specifically for end users and businessesQ2 2020Apr-June 2020AI based advertising platform

Useful links:

Website website:     ,
Facebook – / cryptoknowmics /    Twitter –
Linkedin page –
Instagram –
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medium –
Reddit: – bylethLink:;u=2653695

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