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Cryptoknowmics is one of the good and decentralized media portals available for every aspect of the crypt world. Our goal is to become the largest media platform in the crypto field. We provide news, videos, airdrops, events, analytics, market fundamentals, dApps, ICO, STO, IEO, coins, tokens, exchanges, wallets, detailed market analysis and real-time tutorials that help fans and traders better understand the cryptographic world that complex to understand and recognize market trends. We integrate information from more than 3,000 sources and give our users a complete and detailed overview and technical market analysis. We also help people find work on Crypto and companies by registering their names and information on our platform.We will also offer an open discussion forum where users can voice their opinions and conduct one-on-one interviews with experts or talk with each other to create smart and harmonious panels. The Global Crypto API and Global Crypto Index, which contain prices and trends of all the leading exchanges around the world, will also be integrated into the platform. We will offer an enhanced arbitration module with more than 200 coins / tokens and 20,000 trading pairs, with which crypto traders can easily hedge and produce.We are proud of our honesty and transparency and strive for consistency. We continue to strive to grow and develop structurally and technologically. To ensure credibility, we place all our articles and press releases in a comprehensive screening process carried out by our talented editorial staff. We are currently working on applying artificial intelligence to eliminate false news and ensure that our users receive the most accurate, accurate and diverse information. To be always right, we check the market and regularly exchange information with a good comb.

Why is Cryptoknowmics so innovative?

This innovation is based on content strategies that provide users with incentives for almost all tasks performed on the platform, including reading news or articles.We publish news, videos, live broadcasts, events, reviews, market fundamentals, applications, ICO, STO, IEO, coins, tokens, exchanges, wallets, detailed market analysis and trading modules. Tutorials help fans and retailers better understand the complex world of cryptography and recognize market trends. We integrate information from more than 3,000 sources and give our users a complete and detailed overview and technical market analysis. We also help those who are looking for crypto and entrepreneurial currencies by entering their names and information on our platform.We also have an open discussion forum where users can voice their opinions, interact privately with experts or communicate with each other and create smart and organized content. Podium. Google’s API and crypto index, which includes prices and trends of all major world stock exchanges, will also be included in the platform. We will introduce an advanced arbitration module consisting of more than 200 coins / tokens and 20,000 trading pairs, which allows crypto traders to easily withdraw and execute.

The proposed cryptocurrency

  • Real-time message integration from more than 3,000 sources
  • Comprehensive global market overview
  • AI purpose of the Audience
  • Textbooks provide market information.
  • I’m on fake news


Since the launch of Bitcoin in 2009, cryptocurrency has experienced unprecedented growth and potential in creating new products, services, markets and investment opportunities for people around the world. Cryptocurrency quickly draws public attention and quickly becomes a habit in everyday transactions. This has created an extraordinary demand for krypton news and products related to krypton news. In fact, there are hundreds if not thousands of cryptographic and media sites on the Internet. However, all of these media specialize in one or more aspects of crypt space. Therefore, people often need access to different resources / platforms to meet their needs. because there is no reliable source or platform that can properly and efficiently meet the needs of almost all market segments. On the other hand in crypto,


Cryptoknowmics creates a decentralized all-in-one platform that covers almost all aspects of crypto space and provides a reliable source of information and services for the industry. In other words, he prepared the Financial Times or the Wall Street Journal for the crypto world with many additional features. An innovative platform for innovation is a content strategy that encourages users to do almost everything they do on the platform.

Open Platform for our Customers or Customers

  • Users are incentivized for the simplest of actions.
  • Take part and get exclusive offers in various categories.
  • In-depth market analysis and feedback.
  • Tutorial provides market intelligence.
  • AI-based false news detection and elimination.
  • Crypto news aggregation from more than 3000 sources.
  • An advanced arbitration module that includes more than 2000 coins / tokens and 10,000 trading pairs

Token Economics:Cryptoknowmics aims to raise $ 6 million in ICO to finance the full development and implementation of the platform. Token sales are scheduled to begin in July 2019 and will continue until a hard cap is found.information tokenToken Name: Forensic TokenAny symbol: SCMToken Type: ERC20Total Token reserves: 10 billionPrice of the token: $ 0.0024Hardcap: 6 billion dollarsDistributed tokensPersonal / Ocean Sales 25.00%15.00% booking bonusConsultants and strategic partners, 10.00%Team Owner 15.00%Host dan Drop 5,00%Members / Customers 30.00%Use of funds20.0% platform development20.0% ad marketingStrategic partnership and business development 20.0%Operating Costs 20.0%Legality and compliance 10.0%Cyber ​​security and security 5.0%5.0% recommendationallocation

roadmapCryptoknowmics develops information platforms and services globally, based on data, and distributed throughout the world.Q1 2019January – March 2019Cryptoknowmics betaQ2 2019April – June 2019CKM Cellular Application – Android on ApplePlatform AirdropQ3 2019July – September 2019IEO sales tokenGame Crypto Dari CKMforumQ4 2019October – December 2019Blockchain based tokens distribution for authors and end usersStart the organization of crypto events and conferencesICO / STO launcherArbitration – 200+ exchanges \ 10,000+ trading pairsFirst quarter of 2020January – March 2020The discovery of artificial intelligence based on artificial intelligenceAI based API specifically for end users and businessesQ2 2020Apr-June 2020AI based advertising platform

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