Online gambling of several types of games that can be easily launched

Since time immemorial, bets have always been given a prominent place and this is due to their nature of risk, adrenaline, and possible profits. From the days of the Roman emperor to the rise of electronic sports, his superiors always tried their luck on events they liked. The gambling and betting industry worldwide is so large that it is worth $ 3 trillion even if four-fifths operate underground.Because Internet and cellular based platforms continue to take an increasingly large portionmarket, further growth is even projected into the future. Nevertheless, bets always have to compete with several problems. The frequent scandals of unethical bookmakers and corruption-laden units have damaged the image of a promising industry. In the case of defeat, the bettor leaves nothing and in the case of the recorded victory, the bettor never gets a penny from their victory. In addition, outrageous costs and unnecessary complications are the main reasons why many are not interested in engaging in betting activities.Over time, betting grew from what was known as a fun social event to what was seen as a personal risk.

CVB is a decentralized betting platform based on Ethereum technology and Smart Contracts. Betting is big business, but the online betting industry is plagued by several problems. There is an overall perception of injustice due to security concerns, lack of transparency and social character, unfair opportunities, high costs and low returns – all factors alienating many potential bettors or leading them to underground betting.

CVB Solutions utilizes Blockchain technology to ensure the safest and transparent betting experience. There are no intermediaries involved: Players make bets and provide liquidity to meet payments. Smart contracts protect funds and automatically distribute winnings based on betting conditions and yields. The whole process is fully decentralized, secure, and self-regulating. All bets on the platform will be made by our digital token: CVB. Our vision is to develop such an ecosystem, centered around superior betting solutions – and to set CVB tokens as global betting standards.

Our goal towards the end of the day is for CVB tokens to be changed to the overall standard as far as betting is concerned. For this to become a reality, we must send a number of procedures that will build a broad-based environment and advance general recognition of CVB. Social betting will not happen everywhere and to achieve the goals described, we will work with each of the relevant partners.

A token deal is a money-raising strategy that depends on Blockchain innovation. For the most extreme candor and certainty of members, the agreement is directed by the Intelligent Contract sent to the Ethereum Blockchain. During the token agreement, the CVB token will be accessible as the final result of ETH, BTC, LTE commitments. To get a CVB token, the giver will send Ether, Btc, Lte to the CVB authority Smart Contract address token deal. All outgoing CVB tokens will be displayed on the ICO website and distributed to the giver’s wallet address when the transaction ends. After the token is used to play the game it will be valued at $ 11.99, comparable to the most reduced ticket incentives to join the game. This implies the cost of the token will build several times more than the cost in the ICO set. As well,

How does it work?

On the CVB platform, users can bet on various sports activities. Other betting platforms often operate with books and this makes players feel less secure and uncomfortable. On the CVB platform, players can play directly with each other, creating playgrounds with completely new and interesting rules. We will benefit from the platform by charging a minimum fee from the player (much cheaper than many betting platforms). When we launch the platform, the user will deposit the CVB token to play ($ 11.99 will be the lowest bet value).


Games with a minimum prize for winners are $ 100,000. With the first 10 points, players must get 1000 points a week (7 days). The prize for the winner is $ 100,000. The game participation fee is $ 11.99 per round (including $ 10 for the prize budget and $ 1.99 for the fee).


Arena 100 continues to open with a fixed number of players in each room: 10, 20, 50, 100 players (players can choose the room they want to play). When there are enough players in one room, Clevebet will randomly choose a match to bet on. Tickets include $ 11.99, $ 22.99, $ 55.99, $ 111.99.


Match of Arena is a game that is started by a match. Each match is equivalent to a game that starts with a different ticket price of $ 11.99; $ 22.99; $ 55.99; $ 111.99. For this game, all participants will play in the form of placing batches and an unlimited number of players (for example Arena Game 100). The game is available to start registering before the match lasts 01 hours and finish to register after the match lasts the first 15 minutes. Players start placing batches when the game starts.

CVB Solution

In short, CVB overcomes the most profound challenges of conventional betting by transferring power from the betting provider and into the hands of the player community. Players make bets, set rules, and provide liquidity to meet payments. The whole process is fully decentralized, transparent and self-regulating.

Blockchain technology makes it possible to operate networks without intermediaries (the main source of structural problems and vulnerabilities in conventional systems). While Smart Contracts not only ensure that betting conditions are respected and immune to manipulation, they also protect player funds in an escrow account. Only when the bet ends, the funds will be released to the winner of the bet. All this, automatically and seamlessly.

The CVB platform consists of three core components:

  • CVB Token
  • Protocol CVB
  • CVB Application Layer

CVB Token

This is the ERC-20 electronic token on which CVB depends. Every transaction and part of the payment for the ecosystem all depends on it. CVB tokens can really be used with many other Ether wallets such as Imtoken, MyEther-Wallet, and others. Players who do not get a CVB token at the time are one sale can buy it through their CVB Wallet or from crypto exchange.

Protocol CVB

This is a machine that relies on a blockchain that drives the entire system. This includes Smart Contracts, CVB Wallet and a number of items. This technology allows for safe, fair and open betting. The CVB protocol is standard and allows for all who contribute to an excellent and ideal betting platform.

CVB Application Layer

This is the Application Layer that really does all the magic. This is a collection of amazing applications that are embedded with the CVB Protocol. This allows the design of all user-centered applications.MARKET PROBLEMSThere are several obstacles to the online betting market. Among other factors, the odds of bookies are still on his side, wins are often not paid, and even those who often record wins are prohibited without a reason. In short, there is no openness and security, there are outrageous accusations and low benefits, and social interaction is nothing special. All of these problems hamper the participation of many potential players.Token Sale:

Start date: OCT, 2019End Date: June, 2020Soft Cover: 1.000.000 CVBHard stamp: 10,000,000 CVBToken: CVB TokenStarting Price: 1 CVB = $ 1Sales Token: 0 CVB (0%)Sales Token: 0 CVB (0%)Allocation of Token Sales Results:

Marketing – 35%Management Team – 5%Project Development – 45%Legal procedure – 5%Prize fund – 10%Distribution Token:

ICO Sales -75%Development Team – 20%Airdrop & Bounty – 5%ROADMAP:




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