Unifinity is a revolutionary platform for education management systems

Unifinity is a decentralized application (Dapp), running on the blockchain, which aims to be the easiest gateway for schools, teachers, parents and students to send and receive payments for tuition and projects. Strictly speaking, decentralization in education implies devolution of power from higher to lower power levels. However, this lower level can be another level of regulation within the Ministry of Education, for example, ordinary divisions or schools: this procedure is usually called deconcentration. Because of the decentralization of education, there are procedures for devolving financial and dynamic authority from higher levels to lower levels of government and hierarchical units.

Quality Education and Developing Technology is the path to change of events and financial development of a country. Most organizations now require their workers to complete certain study degrees, even the degree to which an extended salary is equal to a certain range of abilities as a requirement at least.

The focal point of decentralization includes better and more appropriate choices and expanded inspiration. Because it also facilitates weighting on top administration, there is less fire fighting administration, or everyday critical thinking. It also encourages the improvement and improvement of junior administration.

Most Asian countries cannot exploit mechanical developments to deal with their regulatory exercises. The progress of the school education framework into a mechanized device that is empowered with high innovation will be significant, because most of the information on the council stages is expensive and entangled. As such, most tertiary institutions physically process registration. Until now it is also difficult for universities to continuously follow the number of students who go to classes such as receiving installments according to schedule for fees and registration, as well as long queues each semester.

UNIFINITY, We are centered around offering special and administrative assistance to educational foundations to assist scientific and authoritative procedures through smart contracts that make it easier to sort information, follow, observe exercises and participate students. This is all being accomplished by using Tokens as a unique type of virtual marking and carefully designed timestamp, and gives the strength of motivation and gifts to each successor to the application.

UNIFINITY’s idea is to create the First Decentralized Application that will support all tertiary institutions by providing them with availability and innovation using Blockchain Technology. Our destination  is to build a jointly decentralized educational stage that empowers Universities and Schools of various sizes to quickly actualize the use of Blockchain innovations and smart contracts on different application needs. We accept that Blockchain innovation can be used as an integral asset to improve the current Education and Learning Management System.

Thanks to the UNIFINITY platform, the work of universities and schools can change dramatically.● You no longer need paper to store information. Certificates, licenses and other documents can be stored in a block chain. This technology provides reliable protection against hacking and changes in records. This leads to many advantages: eliminating the share of corruption in education, dissolving records, reducing spending on budget funds and extra-budget for consumables.● The ministry of information and other relevant government agencies are no longer needed. Blockchain can provide constant access to verified information about certification, which makes the educational process desirable, because it is increasingly difficult to buy a diploma. The court no longer needs to be involved to prove copyright over scientific work.● The process of recording information in the block chain does not require specialists, which reduces the educational institution’s financial burden on personnel content.● The cryptocurrency room applies to learning. If state law is ready for such a change, scholarships and grants for high yields will be transferred online, which will exclude intermediaries who work with universities now.
● Employers will now be confident in the specialist qualifications that are hired, and the implementation of recertification and qualification confirmation procedures will soon be reflected in an integrated system, and this will become reliable data.

Unifinity DAPP will empower clients as Parents, Students and Management to have full and basic knowledge and control of each related datum. We have created our own Dapp as a powerful Interface, connecting all accomplices and progress procedures for the Blockchain, by providing an important framework and many apparatuses incorporated. This will enable the University to oversee the Spotlight and Blockchain applications with little cost and time.

We work with a community model that allows us to develop development innovations and appropriate blockchain skills, and will offer extensive blockchain-based arrangements that allow universities to synchronize and use blockchain applications to improve their regulatory procedures. Unifinity was founded by a cross-practical group that has joint involvement with man-made awareness, blockchain, portable applications, cybersecurity and IoT throughout Europe and Asia.

Unifinity works and collaborates with Education suppliers, for example, Local / Private foundations, Universities, Colleges, Training Facilities that offer Education courses. Blockchain courses, AI, Big Data will also be presented with the Partnership, Dash will be recognized as installments in the course, installments for universities and other future items that will be presented in the Unifinity stage which will be included in the following weeks.

The advantage of joining the UNIFINITY Unifinity Program is 

that innovation is the center of our daily life and work, along this pathway utilizing innovation to provide satisfying connections and learning meetings for students. Assets and assessments measure student achievement which also rewards students every time they enter certain talents or information taken on the course in the UNIFINITY stage, in this way progressive change concentrates on supporting the Education System by:
– Providing trustees an approach to tracking and filtering installments they
– Ensure installments are sent legally to universities easily without fees
– Provide capacity to filter student implementation and participation.
– Using Tokens sent on Smart Contracts that will fill in as an unchanging sophisticated timestamp that uses the Blockchain. Dash

THE MAIN PURPOSE· To complete application development and to enter universities, colleges, schools globally which do not have access to quality learning applications and Registration management systems.· To provide accessibility to parents in providing tools for them to continue their studies as well as accessibility to manage their finances with secure fast payments at low costs.· To encourage more students to continue their studies and learn the right investments by giving them access to professional courses provided by leading universities.· To give universities the ability to issue their own Anti-Counterfeiting Blockchain Certificates and Blockchain anti-fraud identity cards which also function as wallets where users can use them in several merchant partners using smart contracts through various applications.

The advantages of the Unifinity application

Safe and anti-fraud

Give universities the ability to issue their own Blockchain Anti-Counterfeiting Certificates and anti-fraud Blockchain identity cards that also function as wallets, which users can use in various trading partners using smart contracts through various applications.


With their personal blockchain technology, they can reduce the transaction costs needed. This is different from using the ethereum blockchain or similar platform, which is influenced by the number of transactions and block size making transaction costs unpredictable.

Quick in providing relevant information

With Unifinity, universities can eliminate things that are not important in providing information to parents and students. Streamline the education system to be more efficient and uncomplicated as before.
Based on the road map that is on their official website, this project actually started working in 2018. And only this year it was officially released and introduced at the token49, Ethereum SuperMeetUP, and Unchain Conversion events. And the latest information they plan to hold an initial engagement with the University of Cebu.Oh yes, Unifinity also has a shop. unifinity services that serve as a market that makes it easy for students to buy their needs. for those of you who want to sell their goods, you can register your store directly at their official website store. Unifinity is open to the public. for now, with free registration, and payment you can use popular crypto coins such as btc, eth, bch, and dash. Join Unifinity for the development of a better education system.
Announcement Partneship
Next joins EduTech’s Unifinity stage throughout the world. Unifinity empowers colleges and schools far and wide of various sizes to quickly actualize the use of Blockchain innovations and smart contracts for different application needs. Through this association you will have the option to pay for various supplier training courses throughout the world in the future with Dash. We are very optimistic about this association because this is our first organization to work based on our needs to advertise the Philippines and many more will follow.

UNIHUB ROAD MAP is a portal for universities where they have complete ERP solutions with ZERO software fees. we are slowly changing the UNIFUTY site to be the best place for users to learn about Blockchain and real use cases.

For more information, please visit;

Website: https://unifinity.io/Whitepaper: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-5tQwYOP6JQQIgZfZ5Ez6bMfz4qJ4OTM/view?usp=drivesdkFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/UnifinityphTwitter: https://twitter.com/unifinity_phTelegram: https://t.me/unifinityLinkedin: https://linkedin.com/company/unifinity.ioBitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5252700.0 Username: bylethLink:  https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2653695

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