The Ferox Advisor platform works using a liquidity pool.

FRX is the world’s first decentralized token hedge fund, which combines the different capabilities of an alpha hedge fund with the freedom a functioning ecosystem provides. 

Ferox Advisors is a registered company that specializes in providing crypto trading advice for established and potential crypto exchange platforms and their clients. In 2013 in Dubai, the market in the United States. 

They operate derivative accounts for several trades and external clients and have developed and developed derivative strategies for several profitable traders around the world over the past decade.

Their main goal is to define and achieve high rates for their clients with an investment target of at least 30% per annum. They also offer managed cryptocurrencies that can help reach the reference account level.


This project strives to generate pleasant returns in just a few minutes even 30%, with the ability to increase the odds of multiple videos even further. We have successfully achieved both Crypto options and this smash deal in 2017. At Bitmex, our equity was issued in less than 6 trading months in 2019. We have achieved the first since 2020. Give a very interesting impression, now we want to give the best for investors outside of Profile.,

Rеmоvеѕ which ѕtruсturе funds, bаnk thе, and thе сuѕtоdіаn frоm thе е ԛ uаtіоn аnd give іnvеѕtоr thе орроrtunіtу tо Have ѕhаrеѕ оf a dесеntrаlіzеd hеdgе funds dіrесtlу, with 0 the management or fееѕ mаnаgеmеnt, simultaneously maintain рrіvасу them, between thе fundamentals соnѕtіtutе thе Try FRX. 

Ferox Advisors project description

Ferox Advisors is a hedge fund founded in late 2013 that specializes in exchange-traded derivatives. Developing their trading system, Ferox Advisors made inroads in various branches of asset management such as algorithmic scalping, event-driven trading, volatility arbitrage, and market creation options, and has evolved into cryptocurrency trading since 2017.

Ferox Advisors Ltd is a private company and always will be. There will be no public offering in the traditional sense of the term. After noticing interest from multiple sources to become shareholders to participate in all of their future cash flows, Ferox Advisors decided to launch a token creation event, so that investors could utilize FRX tokens as utility tokens while also gaining the right to be pro-rated. the profit share of all company activities.

FRX Pre-Sales

FRX is a trading company that focuses on trading cryptocurrencies and their derivatives. The company specializes in account management for investors and gets returns based on their investment. FRX has created their platform token called FRX which is Tron based. The token is designed on the Tron Blockchain, one of the fastest, scalable, secure and highly efficient blockchain networks in the world. FRX is a domestic token of the FRX decentralized hedge fund platform.

The pre-sale investment levels for FRX are as follows:

● Investing 10,000 TRX, 1 TRX = 3 FRX, Investor will get 27,000 FRX by transferring 9000 TRX to the FRX wallet above

● Investments worth 10,000 TRX to 50,000 TRX (1 TRX – 3.3 FRX) Deposit TRX worth 33,000, you will get 99,000 FRX

● Invest up to 50,000 TRX up to 300,000 TRX (1 TRX – 3.6 FRX) Deposit 100,000 TRX, you will receive 360,000 FRX

● Investing up to 300,000 TRX and above attracts (1 TRX – 4FRX) Saving 500,000 TRX will, you will receive 2,000.00 FRX


FRX is a viable utility token built on top of the TRON blockchain, and that makes it a TRC-20 compatible token. Users can easily stake a FRX and TRX pair and they will be rewarded for it.

FRX holders will get a profit every month, this is because the profit generated from betting activities will be added to them. Thus making it a useful hedge fund token.

Ferox Advisors has two types of clients, you can join them as a Managed Account but you can also join as a Private Company. Ferox Advisor does not charge any fees when they manage your account, but instead, you will share a portion of the profits that will be earned each year from your capital. But also if you join Ferox Advisors as a Private Company, you will be able to become one of their shareholders and it will be an opportunity for you because you will be able to participate with them in all their income streams as a shareholder.

Tim Ferox

As I said before, Ferox Advisors has a good team working together to make sure everything goes smoothly according to plan. And that is why they assure their clients of good returns every year on the capital invested in them.

This is the team behind Ferox Advisors;

All of these teams are experts in their fields, which is why Ferox Advisors is a very good company and reliable in achieving their customers’ goals regardless of whether it is a Company or not because you can also invest in Ferox Advisors even if you are not a Company.
Ferox Token (FRX) Now you know that Ferox Advisors is not only a trading advisory company, but also an investment opportunity through its token, Ferox Token (FRX).
The Ferox token is developed by the Tron Blockchain so it is much easier for investors to invest in FRX without the higher gas costs compared to other tokens on other blockchains such as Ethereum.
There are different packages for investors who wish to invest in Ferox Advisors via FRX Token, you can view the image below or click here to learn more about FRX Token and its investment package.
TOKEN INFORMATION: Name: FEROX (FRX) Contract: TKTENn9v56yVKHu4obmdQGpe8wFVimczxq Symbol: FRXDesimal: 8Supply: 700,000,000.00000000 FRX The
total supply of FRX is 700,000,000 tokens, you can check the FRX Smart Contract and see for yourself, you will also see the address of the contract and the issuer. Apart from that, you can read the FRX whitepaper and learn everything about the company Ferox Advisors.
FRX TokenomicsTotal Ferox Token supply is divided into different parts according to the use of each part, as you can see in the image below;

Be sure to check out the Ferox whitepaper so you can learn more about the company Ferox Advisors. It is recommended to understand all of them before investing your money anywhere, good luck friends!
For more information please visit the link below:

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