Prometheus was a titan who saw the future according to Greek mythology. Prometheus did not take sides when Zeus waged a war against Kronos. And because of this, Zeus did not punish Prometheus.Prometheus did not like the Olympus gods. And that is why Prometheus created people from mud. And Prometheus gave these people fire and knowledge as gifts. Zeus is very angry with this. And Zeus chained Prometheus in the Caucasus Mountains. And every day an eagle comes and eats Prometheus. Zeus also punishes people.But Prometheus was saved by his son, Hercules. And Prometheus ate the eagle’s heart to punish Zeus. Finally, Zeus forgives Prometheus. And Prometheus again began to live in Olympos.

Prometheus created a fully functional MVP, which will be the basis for our platform. It allows users to connect to the database with a few clicks, select tables and columns to transfer to the blockchain, select the type of blockchain (Prometheus, Ethereum, Cardano, Star …) and select the action to be performed only once or several times. The reverse process can also be carried out to move data from the blockchain to the database. Users can transfer the requested part of their business to the blockchain. Prometheus wants to help with the use of blockchain technology. Developing a blockchain for a particular business can be very extensive and time consuming. Every business will be able to use blockchain technology at affordable prices for real-world use cases. We have 2 levels of protection for ICO participants: First, if the soft hat does not pass. 2 is the development of a development platform with the help of independent experts. Members will love ETH through smart contracts.

About Prometheus

The Prometheus platform already has a functional product prototype that makes it easy to work with databases quickly and easily. Our MVP transfers data from the database on the blockchain to the client and vice versa. By using a point-and-click application platform, users can choose which diagrams and data from their database, which parts of the business they want to transfer to the blockchain, and thus they can become popular “early adopters”, in other words, users blockchain technology in your business.Prometheus wants to contribute to the implementation of the blockchain technology. Making a blockchain is expensive and requires companies that want to combine their business with a blockchain. Prometheus wants to create a platform that will allow any company to effectively and comfortably transfer part of its business to the blockchain and thereby improve its business operations and increase its competitiveness.
What is our vision and mission?
Our vision is to facilitate the use of blockchain technology with the help of products that will enable us to transfer parts of business processes to the desired, affordable and efficient blockchain.
The mission of Prometheus platform is to promote the global use of blockchain in the world. Its use is very large, and Prometheus is not limited to certain economic sectors, but it is a universal solution for implementing blockchain technology, which allows any company to shift part of its business to blockchain.

the features

• Go and click the interface to select the data needed to transfer to the blockchain.• Transfer Bitcoin to Excel and vice versa.• MS SQL – in Ethereum and vice versa.• Ethereum – in Excel and vice versa.• Bitcoin – in Mongo and vice versa.

Technical information

The Prometheus Kernel Network Platform for integrating existing enterprise databases (relational and NoSQL) with the newly emerging blockchain system. This is an open source project with a GNU license. We will put the highly optimized version of the Prometheus platform on Amazon and sell it in the Software as a Service (SaaS) model for companies that don’t want to develop their cloud environment.
IEO protection of participants Prometheus is fully transparent about the development of future platforms. With our products and organizational capabilities, we are confident in the success of project implementation. For this reason, we offer absolute protection to ICO participants, something not yet seen in the ICO world:If the $ 530,000 soft cap does not pass, which is needed to develop a future platform and a successful business model after ICO is completed, Ethereum will be automatically returned through a smart contract. After passing the soft cap (hard cap is $ 11,000,000) Prometheus will propose several independent experts with authority in software development who will check that the platform development is in accordance with the road map. All ICO participants will choose their favorites, while buyers over $ 1,000 will be able to choose their experts. If an expert determines that the development of the Prometheus platform does not go according to the road map within the estimated period, all buyers will be returned the amount invested less the proportional amount of $ 530,000.Token Information • Token   Name: Prometheus   • Ticker Sign: PRO   • Total Supply: 200,000,000   • Extraordinary Supply: 140,000,000   • Decimal: 18   • Platform: Ethereum, ERC20   • IEO Date: February 1 2020 – May 1 2020   • Price IEO: 1 PRO = 0.1 USD   • Soft stamp: 530,000 USD• Hard cap: 11.000.000 USD


The development phase will be divided into 4 quarters with a team of 7: Software Architect (Srdjan Vukmirovic), 4 Net developers, QA and the author of DevOps / Tech.Two developers will work on the Prometheus platform: Scheduler andConfiguration Manager.Two developers will work on Crypto Adapters.ICO: February 1 2020 to May 1 2020.Q1 2020Ethereum dan Bitcoin AdapterUser management, roles and subscriptionsQ2 2020Stellar dan Cardano AdapterConfiguration database and management applicationQ3 2020Cardano and Neo AdapterScheduling engineQ4 2020Open the API for other crypto databasesCalculation of usage and paymentTim

Website: paper: paper: bylethLink:;u=2653695

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