EQ Token

EQ Tokenpublicly based distributed operating system with  blockchain

Good morning to all cryptocurrency lovers, I’m sure each of you at least once in your life is interested in various investment tools with which you can increase your capital. But regardless of the number of tools available, there are too many collections of various traps. Therefore, in fact, a large number of people who want to take a place of honor in the investment industry are eliminated

The 2 main objectives of  EQ Tokens  are to:

1. Give new companies and existing businesses the opportunity to quickly raise money in return for equity.2. 3. Providing investors with any measure the ability to become an equity stakeholder in a company. Currently the  blockchain is  seen primarily as a platform for  cryptocurrency  .

EQ Token  plans to use the  Ethereum blockchain  for what it means:

As a distributed computing platform and a public-based distributed operating system with  blockchain  . This basically means we will use Ethereum as the world’s computer. This will be used as an investment platform and as a way of tracking share ownership in certain companies.

About the project and its features

It is important to note that the entire essence of the project is based on its own EQ Token, which will act as the main investment vehicle for the new crowd investment available in the decentralized network. Uncovering unlimited potential for everyone who wants to participate in investments in new startup projects, as well as existing companies.
As you have understood the existence of the blockchain structure will enable investors to avoid the most common crowdfunding problems in a centralized world such as:

  • operation opacity and all related processes;
  • as well as the lack of clear contractual provisions, for violations where those responsible for violations must be punished accordingly, and so on.

By implementing decentralized blocks and structures in all of these processes, EQ Token founders automatically eliminate their participants from such problems. However, all transactions and transactions are purely transparent, while investing your capital in a particular company, smart contracts are made between you, which in turn increases not only the level of trust, but also the level of security of all transactions.
But this is not all. Because in addition to introductory controls, the founder of EQ Tokens will charge a small commission on the amount accumulated by the project for its development. This will also include mandatory ownership of 3% tokens from the project itself and 2% from the Commission on the amount of all available dividends. Of course, this might show someone too much. However, this method will allow you to cut low-quality projects that initially only focus on deceiving their investors. Projects whose concept is based on the tangible benefits of tools created or developed by them can survive even in conditions of cooperation that are so simple with EQ Tokens.

Funded Projects

Each project listed on our website must pay an administration fee of $ 200- $ 300 to register the project. These costs cover the initial project review so we can provide a basic risk / reward score. Each project will offer an initial% of their business in exchange for a certain amount of money. Every investment in the project will be held by us until the project is fully funded. If the project does not reach its target within the agreed timeframe, all investments will be returned. If a project reaches its funding goal, we will keep the fund until all legal checks / agreements are completed. The funds will then be traded in exchange for an agreed% from the company. The token will then be created and distributed to all investors.When the company reaches the stage where they can take profits, they will send% of the profits owed to their token holders to us and we will be able to distribute this amount equally among all token holders. If the company has been sold, part of the sale to the token holder will be sent to us and we will distribute it evenly among all token holders. We can also issue a voting feature to allow token holders to vote on every major decision of the company. For example if the token holder owns 20% of a company and there is a major shareholder vote, we can have all the voting holders. If 35% of token holders choose yes, 50% of token holders choose no and the rest do not vote, then this can be conveyed back to the company because 7% of the 20% of our shares voted yes, 10% chose no and 3% abstained from voting. This will then be accounted for by the votes of 80% of other equity owners in the business. This feature must be introduced in year 3.

EQ20 Token

The EQ20 token will become an ERC20 token. This token will be used to raise money so that the EQ Token can start. A total of 70m tokens will be offered in the initial exchange offer at $ 0.05 / token.
3% of all tokens generated through fully funded projects are ours so these tokens will be exchanged equally to all EQ20 token holders. Standard projects will be created with 100m tokens. We will have 3m of this token and so this will be transferred to all EQ20 holders. This means that for every 10,000 EQ20 tokens ($ 500) you buy, you will receive 300 tokens from every fully funded project that we have ever made so that investors in EQ20 will own shares in every company that has been helped by the EQ Token business. Ever!
These tokens can then be sold on our decentralized exchange at any time or stored in your wallet so that funded companies that are starting to succeed, will start paying dividends directly into your wallet!
We also plan to send 25% of the 2% dividend fee to the EQ20 token holders too!


  • The EQ20 token will be used to raise funds to help start the EQ Token. There will be 70 million tokens sold in total in the initial EQ Token exchange offer at a price of $ 0.05 per token to help raise $ 3.5 million.
  • Token sales will last for 30 days and our minimum target is to sell 35m tokens. If we do not reach our minimum token sales target within the timeframe, all funds will be returned to investors.
  • The 1m EQ20 token will be used for promotional purposes to help increase awareness of the EQ Token and what we plan to achieve (mostly through social media competitions).
  • There will be 4m EQ20 tokens that will be used to reward participants in our prize program. These tokens will be paid 1-2 months after successfully completing IEO.
  • The remaining 25m tokens will be stored by the core development team and can be used to pay for external contractors.


●  November 2019

Whitepaper release – Complete

● January 2020

We will begin our advertising campaign through the use of the bounty program in January 2020

● Q2 2020

IEO release to sell 70m  EQ20 tokens  for $ 0.05 / token to collect the $ 3.5m needed to get EQ Tokens from land with sufficient capital to develop quickly throughout Europe

● Q3 2020

Started recruiting the core team of  EQ Tokens  and opening offices in the UK and Europe

●  2021

Aim to open an office in the US and further develop the EQ Token team and business 


● James Borland – Founder

In aerospace engineering. James has experience working in a variety of different engineering backgrounds (Eng Process / Mechanical Engineering / Eng Manufacturing). James has been involved in small-scale investments in the cryptocurrency market   for 3 years.● Samantha Borland – Director of Marketing

First Class Bachelor (Hons) in Marketing with experience working in the security industry as well as property development and management

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